In Halloween Mode

As soon as the weather starts changing, my creative status changes to pure Halloween Mode.
I've been busy creating dolls. I just can't stop. All kinds of dolls. And lots of ideas still in my mind. That justifies the mess in the studio.

Wooden kokeshi dolls with mixed media details...

I've been experimenting with spun cotton... and I like it!

Spun cotton, crepe paper, felted wood, paper mache... all in one. 
And liking the look of the real instead of painted hair... I made a set of witches and I'm still haven't decided which one is my favorite.

 Which one is yours?
They're listed here if you want to grab one. 
(Or click on the pictures and they will take you where you want to be).


Unknown said…
You're very creative, Danita! I love all your dolls. The mushroom is absolutely adorable.

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