And the winner is.....(drumroll please)...

Vivian, from Viv out on a whim!

This is a very short post because I'm just arriving home and I'm starving... but I'll show you tomorrow some new stuff I've been working on and some good news too :)

Congratulations Vivian! Please contact me to give me the details about your doll.

Now, to the dani-kitchen!!!


vivian said…
oh my gosh! I'm so thrilled to win! and to have one of your sweet little dolls! I'll put her with the two prints of yours that I have! that is soo awesome. I'll email or flickr mail you my address.
Sandra_peinture said…
I'm very sad but congratulations Vivian
Grace Garton said…
Congratulations Vivian!!! The prize couldn't have gone to a more generous person!!!
Can't wait to see it in your home!!

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