New Dolls And A Giveaway

Have I told you I still sleep with my plush cow? I think I've mentioned before.... maybe I'm one of the few in their 30's that still does, but I know that deep in your heart many people has a special place for their childhood animal companion. That's why I made this little series, called "Me and my pet". They're a bunch of sweet girls ready to go to sleep with their very favorite creature. I even made them a house in case you want to collect them. Pick your favorite and make it yours today at my Etsy shop (they're all gone) and don't forget to leave a comment telling me which was (or still is) your animal companion and I'll pick a winner on Friday. The prize? A little custom doll with the hair, dress and little critter that the lucky winner decides :)

Have a great week!


Flor Larios Art said…
Hi Danita,

As a girl I did not have any pets...but was always in the garden playing with ladybugs and butterflies and till today they still my favorities.
I would love to have a custom made dolllike me... with long wavy black hair and my butterflies and my ladybugs :)
Anonymous said…
I do too! Mine is a brown rabbit. I have only had him for a few years. My favourite childhood bear is Theodore (the Sears Christmas bear from the 80s), and he has a special place on my bedroom shelf because his fur is matted now and he's an old bear now so I want to keep him safe. I'm glad to know another adult besides me still sleeps with a stuffie! :D
Grace Garton said…
Hi Danita, I love it, it is so true. And may I say that my panda and I are older than 30. I woke up this morning with poor my poor panda on the floor. he looked so dejected:( Or does he look that way because I need to repairs his arms and legs? His stitches are nearly all undoing!
I love the wooden dolls your painting.
I also see some new prints there, terrific. I haven't framed my print of the little girl with her panda but she is in a safe place.
Have a great day.

Grace (littleblackcrowstudio)
Adriana Whitney said…
It was an elephant named "Trompita" I don't know what happened to it but I remember being very sad when "it went away"
:( trompitaaaa! (sorry bout that)
I actually had two animal companions when I was little. Pinky, was a white snowball looking plush animal of unknown species. Snowball was my pink kitty. I carried Pinky and Snowball with me for years! They were my friends, my companions and my loves next to mommy and daddy! Mom had to sneak Pinky and Snowball away from me to wash them. I was so unhappy when they went in the wash! I never knew what happened to them..... all I know that they one day disappeared under mysterious circumstances never to be seen again, but never, ever forgotten!
Sorry Danita I haven't found the dolls at your etsy shop...
Carmen said…
These are adorable!!! I use to sleep with a stuffed dog... now I sleep with a real one. ♥♥
Tracy M. said…
Oh I was too late to pick one up in your shop. I hope I can win one. I would like one with red hair and a rabbit. These are really sweet.
Have a great week!
Tracy M.
Artfulife said…
My favorite is the little orange girl holding the fox. My favorite softie from when I was a girl would have to be my little boo-boo bear. I still have him on a shelf in my girls room.
bonnesinger said… won't believe this but I've got you beat. I'm a really young 66 and GrandMOM to 3 little boys who call me MIMSY. I STILL sleep with my raggedy, worn out, but STILL cuddly SOCK MONKEY named Lil Cuddles. Crazy, huh.
good luck, you're dolls are just the you!
Tami said…
Hi Danita! Of course the child with the kitty is my favorite-wish me luck!!
Unknown said…
HI Danita,

I love the artwork...I was wondering if I could put you on my blog as the May New to Me Artist? Full credit and link to you...I absolutely adore your work.

Sonia ;)
Unknown said…
Wow love the little dolls....My animal companion is my live Pug named Henry. I wanted a pug forever and could never afford it. When I moved to Texas 5 yrs ago...I got Henry...He is the first and only pet, animal, or possession I have ever bought myself. He is the bestest animal...He is a bed hog, snores...but when I am sick or anything he is my nurse.

Sonia ;)
Jeremy said…
The year that my brother was born, I turned three and my aunt bought me a blue teddy bear as a gift to let me know that just because there was a new baby around, I wouldn't be forgotten. I carried that little bear with me all over the place growing up. I now have a huge collection of TED's, but he will always hold a special place in my heart and he still resides with me to this day! I like to think that it was with this little bear, that my journey to become an aspiring teddy bear artist began!
How cute! Congrats on all the sales. When I went to go look they were gone. Love the little case you made. Love the pink one holding the rabbit. I slept with my favorite giraffe. I still LOVE giraffes. =D melanie
Lesterann said…
Danita ~ Your dolls are so sweet and wonderful! I immediately thought of my rabbit named Peter that I slept with until I was 8 years old. Unfortunately at that time my grandparents convinced my Mom that I was to old to sleep with a stuffed animal. (As if he were just a toy?!) I was heartbroken. My Mom still apologizes for doing this and wishes she hadn't listened to them. I am 45 now and have been throught a variety of stuffed animals since then, but Peter will always be special. Leslie
Michelle said…
They are all beautiful! What a great idea. I had a dog named Henry. Loved him until his eyes and nose fell off!
Lucia said…
Ahhhhh..they are all so adorable! I just love the fox....what's the L going to be?

Thank you for this give-away!

Lucia in San Francisco
Bridget said…
All of the dolls in your shop are sold, darn it! I think they are the cutest things ever. I loved the D is for Dog.

I used to sleep with a stuffed polar bear growing up and until I had my first baby who took the bear's spot in bed. Now my girls keep him company at night for me.
Heidi said…
Hard to pick a favorite because they were all so cute! I guess I like the one with the elephant if I had to pick just one. My favorite stuffed animal was a grey tabby cat that had a music box inside. I loved that stuffed animal with all my heart. Everytime I would get into trouble and get sent to my room I would cuddle up with her and suck my thumb. Bad habit I know but I evetually gave it up. Heehee.
tascha said…
My favorite would be the girl with the fox!
Ohhh I hope I win!!!!
kecia deveney said…
i have just returned from travels and am checking into my favorite blogs - went to your etsy shoppe and all the dolls are gone. missed them again! but, i'm still gonna pick a favorite - and that would be the "C is for cat". i saw two stray kitties on my travels and i worried so much for them and wanted to adopt them and give them a good home. guess i'm just a cat lover!
why did you send me an empty envelope? it was in my mail pile when i got home......
Unknown said…
For some reason I was fascinated with pigs so I often slept with my pink plush piggies as a child. I love your dollies!!!!

Sandy xox
Elvie said…
Hi Danita,

I love the fox doll. As a child I always had a favorite blanket. As I got older I moved to a favorite pillow and I still don't sleep well without it!

bh said…
I had a little lamb. : )

bh said…
I had a little lamb. : )

All your dolls were already gone by the time I arrived!

bh aka
Michelle said…
I love these! I still have my very first stuffed animal - Lamby Pie. When I was about two I saw him atop a high shelf in a toy store and begged my grnadmother for him. To this day I can't imagine ever letting him go:-)
suze said…
I am closer to 60 than 50 years old and I still have my first little Stieff teddy fact I have his whole family. You can never go wrong with a teddy bear!
bluecobalt said…
Hi Danita,
My favorite stuffed animal was a stuffed lion. Its mane got all matted but he was still my favorite companion!
These are so cute and I would love to take care of another one of your creations.
Cheers! -Adriana B
suzanne said…
Without a doubt my favorite is the little doll with the panda bear. I've loved pandas since as far back as I can remember. I remember how excited I was as a child when I got my first stuffed Panda bear. I took it with me everywhere. In fact I still have it to this very day (along with a few other panda bear friends that I've gotten over the years)
sabrina said…
i have always had a cat and i love my little shadow cat that lives with me right now.
Emma said…
I do, I do! Just turned 30 and still have a stuffed companion at my side. Right now it is a hedgehog but, as a child, I had a stuffed lion named, "Vincent" (also known as "Meow-Meow"). Sigh...
janil said…
I think I'm not original but I also love the doll with a fox!!!!!

When I was a child (perhaps 3 or 4 not more)I was in love with one of my pupil's father (he was a teacher and used to made tutoring classes). HE was 15 aprox and one day he give me an orange bunny with a dark blue head, wearing squared trousers. It becomes my inseparble friend and I used to sleep better with him!!!!

Thanks for the chance... I love your work!!!!
Unknown said…
Preciooosas...todas como todo lo que haces.Yo no tuve ningún peluche comprado,me hizo mi abuela con trocitos de tela un perrito sus patitas eran trocitos de tela con nudos y sus ojos eran botones.En mi casa siempre hemos tenido animales tanto,es así que mis hijos tienen tanto amor por ellos que la mayor se dedica a ellos y mi casa parece una tienda de peluches muuuuchos.....buno guapa un saludo y sigue con tus bellezas.
Micki Wilde said…
Hi Danita, you're definately not on your own.
My hubby buys me a new teddy/animal every year and the old ones move in to a cupboard to keep each other company ;)
Currently my cuddly bed companion is a sweet, bug eyed tree frog ;)
I'm 33 by the way!!

Micki x
What a fantastic giveaway!! Thanks Danita :)

We had a litle cat called Bonita but she died this year :(

I love your work, I love your "Fridas" and is very difficult to choose only one thing :D
I like very much the pendant called "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" and the "Un paseo por las nubes", and the Frida's pendant, and... :D

Hugs from Spain and thanks again :)

Meninheira (at) gmail (dot) com
I have a chubby, blue hippopotamus! I've had him since I was 7 and I'm now 33!!!

Thank you for the Giveaway :D
Sabbio said…
I'm in! :) My favorite pluh oty was a squirrel, I really adored him and his subtles colors :)
Simone said…
Mt teddy bear. I still have him after 40 years! I named him goldie and he travelled everywhere with me. I had a bag of his clothes that I carried with me that was frequently checked at the airport!!!
andrea said…
I have to snuggle with my real fur baby ,Coco:)
I use to snuggle up with Winne the Pooh! He's still my favorite squishy lump of fluff! Love your new dollies.
Yasmin said…
Very generous his/her present my favorite Danita.O is the doll with wolf. don't sleep with a doll,But yes with a truth cat his name is Theo. I love him a lot.:)
Jamie said…
I had a white teddy bear with black ears, hands and feet and nose that I got for Christmas from my great-grandma in 1965 (I was 5). I slept with 'J-Bear' until I was 18 and went off to college! I still have the poor thread-bare thing after all this time! Jamie V in MT
Poppy said…
Hi Danita,
My favorite is the brown bunny that my best friend gave me the day before I got married :)

Eryn Pearson said…
I love the little dog, being that I am a devoted dog lover. As a child, my first dog that I ever had my parents brought home from a garage sale. I had seen her earlier in the day in a baby play pen with her other siblings. I just fell in love with this particular dog because she was the only red and white pooch (parents were a Black Lab and Irish Setter). My parents surprised me and brought her home later in the day, probably to quiet me down. We named her Hilary, because she was full of love and joy. A very faithful companion for many years and provided fodder for several hilarious stories (eating 5 doz. tea sandwiches or eating 6 hot baked potatoes right out of the oven). I still bring her up to this day and the mishaps she would get into. Even now, I love dogs and own one that we recently rescued. Dogs provide the calm to a hectic life and day and are such faithful companions.

P.S. I just love your stuff, especially the Frida items.
Eryn Pearson said…
I love the little dog, being that I am a devoted dog lover. As a child, my first dog that I ever had my parents brought home from a garage sale. I had seen her earlier in the day in a baby play pen with her other siblings. I just fell in love with this particular dog because she was the only red and white pooch (parents were a Black Lab and Irish Setter). My parents surprised me and brought her home later in the day, probably to quiet me down. We named her Hilary, because she was full of love and joy. A very faithful companion for many years and provided fodder for several hilarious stories (eating 5 doz. tea sandwiches or eating 6 hot baked potatoes right out of the oven). I still bring her up to this day and the mishaps she would get into. Even now, I love dogs and own one that we recently rescued. Dogs provide the calm to a hectic life and day and are such faithful companions.

P.S. I just love your stuff, especially the Frida items.
SusieQ said…
Buenos Dias Danita,
I have a pillow my mom made for me since I lived at home, I've been married 20 yrs and still have that special pillow today- it's not an animal or toy but I can't seem to part with it.
MiKa Art said…
Cute dolls! - I love the girl with an elephant.

As a child, I didn't have stuffed animal - but I had a doll (about 15" tall). I could not sleep without her.

I hope I can winn the giveaway!!
bumblebird said…
I love the house!

My favorite is a cross-eyed & hunch-backed bear I named Zinger. He went everywhere with me...and I still have him!Ii would love a chance to have a custom doll made. Thanks for the giveaway!
Sandra_peinture said…
Cool this game. When i was little, i had a guinea pig(In french we say Cochon d'Inde) but now i have a man who looks like a bear ^--^
Theresa said…
I still have my first Teddy... he doesn't look to great but he's still my favorite. Plus he's special because he plays music (like a music box). Yes, I'm still a little girl at heart too. :)

Snap said…
Hi Danita,
When I was a child I had two favorites: a stuffed skunk I called Daisy and a lamb ... don't remember his name. I think Daisy was my favorite -- she went everywhere with me. Now, I collect teddy bears ... looking for the bear I didn't have has a child? Who knows?!! The first old bear I collected has a music box inside ... still good for easing one to sleep! :D
Lydia said…
Definitely my kitty cat ! Would love to win!:)

And this is the 2nd time that I have not found your little wooden dolls on your Etsy shop.:(
Anonymous said…
my favorite would be E for Elephant. They are all adorable!

Unknown said…
Mine was a panda bear my grandmother crocheted for me when was a baby. She never had a name but i loved her till her eyes were gone...i wonder what happened to her?
Kaili Ittensohn said…
These are gorgeous and from the amount of comments, everyone has had a small creature to call a friend. Mine was a caramel brown bear!
what a sweet giveaway. i had a raggedy ann for a long time. that is why i have been creating raggedies for so long. :)
ClaudiaMarie said…
I love the little dolls! I went to your ETSY shop and did not see them. I still have my Holly Hobbie doll from 1974!SHe is in great shape with a cute bonnet.
mo said…
I have magic pillow. My Grandma gave me a pillow when I was about 7 or 8. I still sleep with it every night though given what I have read about dust mites, it might be entirely filled with them by now. But I still need magic pillow to sleep comfortably.
Tracee said…
I have a pig that I originally bought for my daughter and she "regifted" it to me. We named it Percy and my sweet Lilly makes sure Percy is in bed with me every night!
Gretchen C. said…
I saw these on Flickr & wanted all of them AND the house. Sorry I missed out. I would love to commission one for my 8 year old son- who is still attached to "Roy"- a white stuffed dog he got on his first birthday (he doesn't remember life without Roy!). Roy's not so white anymore, wears a blue bow tie, floppy ears that have the fur rubbed off. He's truly a member of our family!
Oh! It was an adorable dog, which I called him "Tristón" ("A little sad" in English), because he had a quite a sad look... but he was so so nice!! I loved him!
Angela Friend said…
Your dolls are so precious! The house you built for them is such a great idea! I think my favorite is the little pink girl holding the bunny! It reminds me of my daughter, she has a little brown bob hair cut and has always been crazy for bunnies! I did have a favorite stuffed friend when I was was a pink pig! Thanks to my mom, I still have it today! Have a great day and congratulations on all your success!
-Angela Friend
AKA "paintingchic"
Sonia said…
Truly beautiful dolls!

My favourite is the one with the Elephant...the reason why...well, because I just love elephants! Such beautiful/intelligent animals 8)
wiredlinda said…
My favorite little doll has the Panda with it. Just love it. Pandas are my favorite animal.

You've been so busy! I love everything you're working on. My favorite sleeping companion is my dog Blue. She's a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua and she's the best cuddler! She loves to get under the covers and will lay right against my back to keep us both warm.
snippetgirl said…
Those dolls are so clever...what a wonderful idea! LOVE, love, love it!!
I used to sleep with a koala bear. I slept with my head on his plump tummy and eventually it became totally flattened out.
Now, i sleep with 6 real cats! It is heaven :). Nothing better than warm, snuggly bodies all piled up on you.
Thanks for having such a fun and generous giveaway!
Carrie the SnipPet Girl
Gabyta said…
Hello! I even keep my teddy bear "Peloso" (That's his name) was my best friend and today's who keeps the girl is in me. My pet was a dog, which was called "Casimiro" and had his curly tail like a pig, died when I was 15 years (and also).
I would love to participate in the giveaway. Always read your blog from my reader, I live in Argentina. Many Congratulations for your work. kisses and hugs.
Ohhhh I cannot squeal enough over your girls and their lil critter friends! Toooo tooo sweeeet!!!

My favie had to be E for elephant! just too sweet for words!! Aaron and I just watched a program all about baby elephants..our hearts were just melting!!!!!! As a little girl I had a brown and white puppy that I slept with...his name was bowzer...named after the guy from Sha Na Na...HAHAHHA ...weiiird I know!

Love your work to bits!!! Can't tell you enough!!!

Happy Spring!!
Robin Thomas said…
Count me in Shuga!
sUz said…
ooooh daNita I love them all!!! I had a winnie-the-pooh bear that went EVERYWHERE with me. I would love it so much that I'd rub the eyes and nose right off! My mom put at least 5 sets of eyes and noses on him. By the time I reached first grade he had completey come apart beyond repair. My replacement is a pot-belly-bear which is still with me.

iN jOy,
Silke Powers said…
Hi Danita! My strongest animal companion is our dog, Winslow, who lives with us right now. He is the sweetest dog I have ever known! :) Silke
When I was 10 I got a stuffed harp seal for Christmas. I've been sleeping with him (Mistletoe) ever since. That's 29 do the math:P He's no longer white, so my family tells me. I still see him as he was the day I got him.
I love your new dolls. Very original, very Danita!!
Danita, I love absolutely everything you do, but the girl with the panda is my favorite. I'd like to have a black-haired doll holding a siamese cat, just like Missy, the one I have on my lap right now.
Jennie said…
Hi Danita,
Shoot! I keep missing your dolls! What a treat if I could win one!

When I was little my bed was covered in so many little loves that my parents would tease that they couldn't see me. To this day I still have my beloved, "Baby Tommy" and my bear "Chester". Both are snuggled in my craft room with a few others that I can't part with.

Best wishes and high hopes to you!
I still have my "Bad News Bear" He came in a baseball outfit (long gone) but now only his glove and ball cap remain. My children have staked claim to him now and it makes me happy to see them enjoying him so much!!!On another note, my son, whose name is LION, just told me today that his favorite animal is...a lion "just like me" !
Great work!
Have a great day!!!
Carolee said…
I love these!

I never had a favorite stuffed animal as a child, because the real ones were so much better. My sleeping companion for most of childhood was a grey and white tabby named "Sneakers". I cried for days when he disappeared (my parents were not the most responsible pet owners and let him wander)...But I have sweet memories of cuddling him just a like a big, stuffed animal. I think I even dressed him doll clothes once or twice. :)

~ Carolee
Victorian Lady said…
Hi Danita! :)
My childhood pet was my English Setter...she was SO sweet. Black and white, heathered all together. She was a twin...had a big black oval over one eye...the twin had the patch on the other eye! She was so gentle that she'd let my cockatiel climb all over her and when I packed for college, she put her 60 lb body in my suitcase! I miss her SO much.
Have a great day and thanks for the giveaway!

Doris said…
Hi, Danita. I adore your art work! Almost missed your giveaway. My animal companion was a big blue dog that my parents gave me when I was 8 years old. Dogs are still my favorite pets and I have three: Gala, Luna, and Chacha.
Elma said…
Oh I just love your dolls!!! I had a dog named sarge:) Will you be making more of the shadow boxes??
Ez said…
I was never without my white rabbit with pink satin feet. She never had a name that stuck, but she went with me everywhere. Now she lives in my closet and my daughter's stuffed pig occupies the bed.
I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my faithful and floppy childhood friend.
my littlest...19...has had for almost as many years "hunny bunny". once almost as tall as she the fall i'm sure the tattered pal will travel with her to SF... where she plans to attend school.

sweet memory
~dani~ said…
hey Dani;) My favorite companion is a long eared rabbit my gram made for me when I was young. Whenever, I am ill or the hubster is, I move to the guest room and hug my sweet rabbit as I am not used to sleeping alone after almost 20 years.

I would hug the rabbit while she read to me the story of The Velveteen Rabbit. I stayed with my gram weekly and cherish those memories. thanx for reminding me of such wonderful times.
LaurenSmash said…
wow so neat! I make plush toys so I totally know the love and draw. :D Thanks for the opportunity! :D
Brenda SoL said…
love your dolls,
As a girl I did not have any pets, but loved butterflies.
wish me luck!
isabel f. said…
Hi Danita :))
Ireally love your beautiful work!!
I love the fox doll :D
As a girl I did have a stuffed doll that I loved, for soooo long :DD
thans for the giveaway :)
hugs Isabel
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita,

I have been admiring your work for a while, but this is my first time commenting. You are truly an inspiration to me. I would be so incredibly excited to win something of yours... of course, I'll probably just buy one, anyway!

I had many, many stuffed animals as a child, but the one I kept the longest was a sleeping bunny in a yellow gingham night shirt & matching night cap. I don't have it anymore, but I wish I did. Thanks for the little trip down memory lane :)

vivian said…
hi Danita! I would love to win one of your little dolls! my favorite childhood companion was a grey stripped cat named Flannel. have a great weekend!
I hope you dont mind if I add your blog link to my blog.
The pet of my dream is a cat, a red one...but my boyfriend had a now that we are married I own a dog, but still dream about a cat!!
Anonymous said…
...well, I'm writing this comment for my daughter Federica, because she's simply in love with your little new dolls! :o)
Her animal companions is Ermanno, a felt donkey that we've given her when she was 4 (now she's 13), and she still sleeps with him every night, wherever she goes...

A big hug from Italy, my dear, and thanks so much for this generous chance! :o***
Anonymous said…
They are all so sweet, Danita! My favorite is the elephant, because I had a very special little elephant when I was little, and they are still my fave. But they are ALL adorable! Just wish I'd made it to your shop in time!
Norma said…
I adore your work! What a sweet series!
amazonham said…
I'm 32 and I still sleep with my stuffed animal frog. I named him Prince, not because when you kiss him he turns into a dude, but because he is a snappy dancer like the guy who sings "Little Red Corvette." LOL

Love your art!!!
Heather M
Digital Misfit said…
My favorite bear when I was a little girl was a chubby little coffee colored gal I named Poopsie. I wish I could find another like her.

I love your wee art doll girls - the sweetheart with the elephant is my fave.

When I was little I had a tiger, very time she is my daughters :) so happy to enter your sweet give away!

Cara Carmina said…
love your work... you are part of my inspiration...

used to sleep with an ugly green parrot... and now that you mention... I don´t knwo where the heck it is... mmmm I would love to see him again... he was soooo sooo ugly but still I loved him...

some bubble guM???

flying away now...

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