Happy belated Mother's day!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there who visit my blog!!!
I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but I was very busy celebrating :P

I had one of those rare days where my daughter sleeps 5 hours in a row in the afternoon and I get to watch tv with my husband instead of working like a crazy woman. I got to catch up in my favorite shows and then we got to eat to one of our favorite restaurants.

I hope everybody had a great day too!



Yasmin said…
The mother's happy day for you also same Danita that late
Thanks, Danita!! Same to you!
Unknown said…
Good for you.
Erica Herbert said…
OMG!!! i am LOVIN all of your new work!!! holy, holy macaroni mama! You ROCK!!!
Unknown said…
Muchas gracias por la parte que me toca y devolberte las felicitaciones.Siempre hay que tener tiempo para el ocio y disfrutar de la gente que quieres,no va a ser todo trabjo.Bueno un saludo guapa.
Diane Duda said…
Glad you had a nice Mother's Day Danita. I did too. :)
dollproject said…
It is good to take a day off here and there. Sounds like yours was peaceful :].
Charisse said…
thanks for the wish, same to you.

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