Commissioned piece finished and some other pics

Happy beginning of the week! I can't believe is Monday again... time flies lately! I've been busy with a very special piece commissioned by one of my customers. She lost her dear cat, Mr. Bacon and she wanted a piece to remember him... and she chose the 2 Fridas. They were a lot of work but they're finally done and I'm so proud of them. I hope they help her remember her beautiful kitty :)

We also went to Carlsbad Caverns ... I tried to take pics but there's almost no light there and with my little camera this is the only thing that came out :P

They are just beautiful, is stunning what nature does and the people there has done a great job preserving them and letting us enjoy those wonders....

I hope you had a great weekend too!


beautiful xxxxxxxxxx
Yve said…
What amazing photos, what an extraordinary place! I absolutely love the 2 Fridas and the little cat, your art dolls are always beautiful :o)
Silke Powers said…
The two Fridas and the kitty are truly beautiful. She will love them!

Do you live close to Carlsbad Caverns? We used to live in Albuquerque (so loved it there) and would visit the caverns occasionally. Such a great place!!

Hugs, Silke
Yve said…
What amazing photos, what an extraordinary place! I absolutely love the 2 Fridas and the little cat, your art dolls are always beautiful :o)
Flor Larios Art said…
Me gusta como pintaste los vestidos y la Fridita de la derecha esta linda!
andrea creates said…
Very nice:)
I love the 2 Fridas~
never been to Carlsbad Caverns-looks neat!
Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing
snippetgirl said…
What wonderful and special pieces!!! Fantastic.
katiecatherine said…
light or no light, those photos look amazing. it must have been a beautiful place to be in.
Ohlala! Danita! Estas munecas son maravillosas! I can just imagine how much time you must have spent working on them! Very pretty! Wish I could visit these caverns too! We love caverns here, any rock formation or unusual non-human creations! Hasta luego! LuLu xxx
Georgina said…
Hola Danita,

Greetings from just across the river. First of all, I love your Fridas...absolutely wonderful. I'm sure your client will love them. Even though I live in El Paso, I haven't been to Carlsbad Caverns since close and yet so far. My children were 4 & 2 at the time, but now, I'd like to take my grandchildren and show them the beautiful caverns...and it's soo nice and cool down there.
I went to Carlsbad as a child when my family was moving from Texas to Alaska! I remember when the tour guide turned off the light and we could not see our hands in front of our faces! Funny what sticks in the mind of a child.

Does "fridas" mean "friends"...just a guess?
Two Gypsies said…
Carlsbad Caverns is an absolutely amazing place...once you get past the bat guana! That's some nasty business!!!!
Danita Art said…
It is a beautiful, incredible place! And so cool... after months in the Texas heat it was a relieve to get some cool air :)

Fridas as in Frida Kahlo :)
Tracy M. said…
Love the Fridas and Kitty. I have never been to Carlsbad but I have been to some awesome caverns in Mexico in Ixtapan. They were amazing! I hope to go back some day.
Take Care,
Tracy M.
OH! i went to carlsbad caverns a few years ago. it was amazing. love your photos!
Victorian Lady said…
Beautiful pics! Have you ever been to Kartchner Caverns? I heard it is GREAT, but I think you have to crawl through some tight spaces. I would love to hear from someone who has youngest is two and wouldn't be into crawling in a dark hole! lol

Was there any crawling in this one? We will be driving to Texas in a couple months and could stop there. :)

If you ever go to the Grand Canyon, check out their cavern! Very nice and you take an elevator down! :)

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