New Stuff!

I had an art attack and created a batch of new stuff this week... ready for you to take it home at my Etsy Shop.

The dollies I had shown you earlier are ready to see the world!

Five new original paintings...

Sharing Life

Tree Lover

Tea Time

Feeling Blue

An Owl (sold)

And finally, a brooch series that had been sitting on my desk waiting for the inspiration faeries to do their thing... I like them a lot!

What do you think? Do you like them?


Of course I like them! You need to ask? You're the best Danita!!
mattysdolls said…
I love them! especially the brooch, the color and everything about it, beautiful!!
Mattydolls said…
Love all your items, the paintings, the dolls, especially the brooch, it's beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I love every last one of them.
tea time and tree lover are my favorite! i love them!
Lovely as always. Love the dollies
La Pintoreta © said…
I like them very much it's really nice
See Sam Sew said…
Oh I get it..."it was a rhetorical question" ha ha ,... that was funny!

Danita, your art is such a inspiration for me. I love love love looking at all your art. I am so inspired my all you do! THANK YOU !!!
Anonymous said…
I think it's all go girl! I love it when I get kicks where I just sit and create things left and right...isn't that a great feeling?

Jamie :)
Carolee said…
Stunning, as always! :)

~ Carolee
La Pintoreta © said…
Very nice work, i like the brook.
sMacThoughts said…
I want SOOO many things from your shop! It will happen, I swear!
eulaliacornejo said…
Really you have a beautiful work, congratulations.

best regards from Ecuador,

Laughing Fern said…
this is such a beautiful post! you make very nice items which pull on my heartstrings :)

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