The costume party

I'm here again! It's incredible how quickly the days pass and suddenly I realize that I haven't posted a thing in a week!

But here I am... and I have pics. I was dying to go as the Red Queen or as a Frida... but my daughter won and I ended up being the White Rabbit. She wanted me to scream "I'm late, I'm late!" all over the place while she followed me everywhere... we even made a hole out of black felt to fall into....

Even Buzz, my daughter's loved plush dog got a costume, he was the Butterfly that the caterpillar turns into.

Here's another pic of me with my cousin (who organized the party and was dressed up as Cinderella). My costume was pretty simple but got a lot of nice comments :) I already had the ears and the bunny tail from a past Halloween, the vest is made of felt with a detachable clock that was made of felt too, the scarf is a piece of lace and my pants are actually my PJ's tucked inside my socks ;)

I Spent most of the time there making cupcakes and helping with the preparations of the party. Everybody had a great time, specially little Alice who spent the whole afternoon playing and jumping and eating frosting.

What do you think? I think we look very cute! Specially considering the low budget and the short time ;)


Skelly Addict said…
OMG you all look so incredibly CUTE!!! Adore how your costume came together...I just knew you'd think of something brilliant! Bet those pjs pants were comfy too! Isn't it awesome how simple things can turn into something fabulous!?! Your husband's hat turned out terrific and your little one is such a doll!! LOVE her expression in this picture! :o)
A+++ what are you guys going to be for Halloween?
La Pintoreta © said…
I like your party..really nice...your rabbit dress..the little alice with her buterfly...and ther desings for cups....really nice like always.
Micki Wilde said…
Aww you all look so sweet!!
Makes me wanna dress up and join in the fun now ;)

Micki x
Suhaylah said…
Sweet costumes! Your daughter is so cute, too... I really want one of those cupcakes now haha.
Heidi said…
Your family looks so cute in those costumes! It makes me want to do one too! But I don't have a little girl to play Alice. Maybe I could dress up my black lab. Love the picture on top of the cupcakes! You should do ones for Halloween and put them in your shop. I love Halloween cupcake toppers!
I LOVE your costumes and your cupcakes, Danita! PS I just received my Art Journaling Magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see that you are all over it! Again, I LOVE your work and your shop, and now I know I love your journaling techniques and how you help me! Thank you! Thank you! ~Kathy
Love those cupcakes!!!!!! Cute costumes too! :)
Love those cupcakes!!!!!! Cute costumes too! :)
you all look so lovely!!!
and the cup cakes how cute are they!
vivian said…
OMG danita! how stinking cute you all look. I bet you all had a blast!
what a great idea for a party.
You guys look adorable!! Those costumes turned out fantastic!!

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