The annual visit to the pumpkin patch!

This Friday I went with my daughter to her first school trip! They organized a visit to the pumpkin patch and we had a great time together.

She got to pet the animals there and feed a sheep.

We got our own mini pumpkins to take home and we even make a new friend

We even got to see some Alpacas! I've never seen them in person before...

And after that we got to enjoy a delicious roasted corn

Can't wait until next year to go again!

Happy weekend!


I love your beautiful photographs! What fun! (How was the corn...!)
vivian said…
sweet pics. your daughter is adorable. I loved when my kids were that age.. everything was just a little more special then it is now. I am going to get some pumpkins today.. Ive said that everyday for about 3 weeks!!
today is the the!
have a sweet sunday
Hola Danita! You girls look wonderful together! And your daughter looks like she had tons of fun! I love your happy-face pumpkin! Hasta luego! LuLu
Unknown said…
Your daughter is sooo beautiful! You had a nice day:)
The Alpacas and the pictures are great! :)
Unknown said…
Wow lots of corn for one wee littel girl!!
jacqueline said…
I adore your beautiful photos and such a lovely cozy blog you have here. Yep, it's my first visit and im loving your blog and your shop and your art work. :D So happy to have found you today.

Your daughter is so adorable and visiting to the pumpkin pacth looks soo much fun! Thanks for taking us along with you.

Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!
About said…
I have just discovered your blog through kickcan and conkers. I love it....such gorgeous work, photos and daughter! Great to get a studio tour too! :D
Cindi Myers said…
I love this post, it looks like such a nice day! It reminds me of when my niece was little and when we would do something fun she would look up at me with her cute little face and say - "This is a good day!" Jeez, I think I am going to cry! Anyway, love the photos especially the one of the two of you, you both look so happy and beautiful!
M.M.E. said…
Oh, that's so cute! I wish I had such a great pumpkin patch nearby. And llamas! What a great bonus.
Anonymous said…
Great Photos!
Don't you just love the fall?
I love coming to see your blog..
I will be having a drawing for one of my prints.. Nov 5-10th. Just sign up at my blog on Nov.5th .. don't forget.. I just finished a winter painting..
Love it here always..
hugs, Darlene xo

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