The bright red star... a collaborative work

I'm so excited today as Yael's little Christmas tale is finally ready. She invited 14 fabulous artists from Etsy to illustrate a page each and I'm among the lucky ones who participated. If you want a copy of your own of this beautiful book, just go here to order it ;)

This is my contribution... I will have the original for sale soon, but I'm still pondering.. should I add mica to it or leave it as it? I think I'll let the buyer decide.


Angela Friend said…
Oh my, that little reindeer is the cutest little thing! Are you going to sell prints of this original? I Have to have one if you do! The entire book is precious!
All your work ist stunning and the last picture is very cute too :)
Esti said…
it looks like a lovely book. Congrats to all the artists who participate :)

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