It was worth it!

I'm home with husband and daughter sick with the flu.... too much fresh air we're not used to combined with chilly river water = great days at the woods. I'm starting to feel sick too, but I don't care, it was worth it!!!


Stacy Shpak said…
It's so beautiful! I like woods in autumn))) I got some lovely pictures from my vacation, we love to spend long hours walking in the forest, So I will post it in blog as well))) Take care! ( I dont know hoe to say be healthy))) sorry
Unknown said…
Beautiful pics , hope yu all feel better soon!
Cuidaos DAnita! a la cama con sopitas y mimitos :)

Las fotos son preciosas!
Un besito
andrea said…
Oh no -hope you feel better soon.You took some great photos :)
Danita, These are gorgeous pictures!!! Gives me the feel for Fall, we don't get much of that in Florida.... I hope everyone feels better in your house! :) xoxo
Hola querida Danita! I am so happy for you that you were able to take some time off with your daughter, away from home and work! This is a beautiful time of the year! I never hear from you anymore!!! Come over for a visit when you have a minute, I am having a fun Fall Giveaway! And everyone is welcomed to participate too! Hasta luego, amiga! Besos, LuLu xxx
Unknown said…
looks like a joyous time!!

Hope you all get better soon.
Heidi said…
Love your pictures of the woods! Sorry the little one and hubby got sick though. Hope they get better soon and you don't get it!
Oh! My! Goodness! What a lovely treatment in color to your images, Danita! I love how warm they "feel". Sorry that you are sick, but glad you had a fun time with your little family.

I think of your often! :) Thanks for all of your continues inspiration that you share with us.
Danita, I am so glad you got away :)
These photos are so great! You captured a great mood :)
Kingfisher Farm said…
Danita, what loveliness!! Pam

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