Announcing my first Workshop!

Hello everybody! I'm super excited to share this news with you!

First of all, I'll be on LA again to attend the Crescendoh launch party on May 21st! Many great artist will be there and If you join me we will have a great time together!

And please remind me to go easy on the wine, as the very next day, May 22nd will be a very busy day. First, book signing with Jenny (and antiquing if I have a chance)...

And then: I'll teach my first workshop!!

Learn to make free motion stitched mini quilts with me. Already know how to quilt? Join us anyway! I'll be demonstrating some techniques in how to make the background, composition, paper fabric, having fun with paint and fabric and each of you will take home your beautiful work to display as is, or to keep working on it to make it part of something bigger. I'll provide the images and this is a class for everybody! Don't need to know how to paint or draw, just to have the willing to learn and have a great time!

The class will include a customized kit for each of you, a delicious Mexican dinner, and quality in-class support by four Teaching Assistants.

To reserve your spot please click here.
I'll see you there!


andrea creates said…
Aw man, wish I could be there-
Have fun!
apinkdreamer said…
oh! i'm so sad! i wish i was there and learn with you!!!!but ...i'm in greece!
nevermind now i'm expecting my wonderful pendant i ordered from your etsy!!!
Que pena no poder asistir!!! España está muy lejos.....
Oh Danita !!!! I am HAPPY as can be for you !!!! You deserve this sooo much I have not meet Jenny yet but just love her form afar adn you too. Guess what I am moving back to New mexico remember how I wanted to move somehwere?? Well I will be back in Santa fe NM after all. hugs Julie
I wish I were there, in my second home, California!
Sam I Am said…
WoW Danita!! This is AWESOME!!!!!! You are gonna have soooo much fun and im sure the class will fill up in a heartbeat!!!! :)
C a r i s s a said…
I wish i could be there too! I hope you enjoy yourself and remember not to stay out too late drinking too much wine! tee-hee. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book!
Xx, Carissa
Alicia said…
Oh, I'm SO sad I don't live closer!
SOunds like such a great time. You are becoming quite a jet setter, Danita.:) Have a great time.:)
heloo Danita
I'm so sad I do not live closer to you - but I wish you many visitors
euphoria said…
I'm going, I'm going!! WOO HOO, WOO HOO!!! SO excited for this! Can I bring some of your art so you can autograph it!?!?!

EEEKKKK.... so excited for this workshop (and the Mexican food... yummy) :o)
Heather said…
congratulations! this sounds like an amazing class, have a great time!~
Panti said…
Hello, at you unusual talent! Simply remarkable works, at me to you the offer for Russian magazine, write me please?
vane31 said…
I just paid for the class...I cant wait to attend! This will be my first workshop, and its the week before my Birthday, Happy birthday to me, haha :D

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