Bed rest.... and the fruits of it

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and best wishes. We're so happy and we love to share great news with everybody and receive all that good energy that we need so much right now. I'm on bed rest :(

The baby looks fine but there's a problem with the placenta, so I have to be on bed as much as possible. Same thing happened with my daughter, and the rest fixed it.... the only problem is that this time I have a daughter who wants to be carried and needs to be taken care of. Thankfully my parents are here helping us... but still it's horrible to be confined to a bed (or in the best case, a chair). I usually complain that I wish I had time to sit and read or watch the TV... now that I have the time everything is b-o-r-i-n-g! Oh well... enough complaining. Everything happens for a reason, maybe this happened so I have time just for myself for a few days because I won't have much after the baby is born :P

So that's the news around here. If you have been wondering where am I, I am here, in my house... for more than a week. My husband is helping me with the store and I'm still able to paint (wohooo!). Actually I just finished a few pieces. I can't sit for long periods of time but I managed to make some stuff. I hope you like them!

"Rosas en el mar" (Roses in the sea) 5x7 on wood.
You can read the lyrics of the sond that inspired this painting here.

"The three of us" 8x10 on wood. (Sold)
"The baker" 6x8 on stretched canvas (Sold)

"Me and my fox" 8x8 on stretched canvas.

You can find them on my shop. Everything will be shipped as usual, but If I take a little bit longer to answer your mails please be patience, I may take a little bit longer but I will :)


anni said…
My step daughter just went through a long pregnancy of staying in bed and staying down. She has a healthy little baby boy now! It is worth it. I'm so happy you can still paint!

Prayers to you,
Good to see that you are taking the bed rest seriously. Thankfully, you are able to do your artwork! :) I love "Roses in the Sea' and 'The Baker' They are darling!!!
I'm glad you can still create.
I love "The 3 of us"!
(I have two sisters)
jenny holiday said…
Happy to see you are good spirits, and have been able to paint! :) Your newest pieces are tooo sweet!! I am dyyyyiiiing over "The Baker"!!! I LOVE it!!! Will she made into prints!! I must have her!!

I'll be sending good thoughts your way!!

XOXO Jenny
Thanks again for sharing your news. I am due to have a baby in 4 weeks & I have a nearly 2 year old wanting to be lifted, but I can't due the the pressure on my pelvis. It's a challenge at all stages of pregnancy. Thank goodness I agree you can still paint I love to see what you come up with next. Look after yourself.
You are so inspiring.
Thanks, Kylie
Nicola said…
Hi there sorry to hear you are on bed rest that must be so hard with another little one. But I'm so happy to see that you are still able to paint, that would help lift your spirits! You paintings are so cute, "me and my fox' made me smile :0)
Artfulife said…
I will be praying for you! Pregnancy is hard enough when you aren't on bed rest. Take care of yourself & that little one :)
Sabbio said…
Congratulations for this beautiful and touching news, I've just the previous post before ^^' I'm really happy for you, your husband and little girl! :D

And even though you're in bed I'm sure everything will be fine for he/she and that your art will find its way ;)
Paula Phillips said…
Beautiful Danita! I love "The Baker". I'm also glad you can still paint and share this inspiration with us.
Much Love
suziart said…
Rest and take care of you two! Love the work!
Frida did lots of her work in bed, reminded me of that, LOL, Angelica
Ale said…
Danita, felicidades por el nuevo ser que está dentro de tí. Cuídate mucho y cualquier duda que surja, avisa inmediatamente al doctor.

Por otro lado, sigue distrayéndote con lo que amas hacer, así vas a estar más relajada y el bebé igual. Escucha música que te guste y disfruta el resto del embarazo (aunque sea en camita)

Un abrazo y te tendré en mis oraciones para que los dos estén de lo mejor!!!

take care!

KindredSpirit said…
just love them all as usual - the little swimmer is my particular favourite!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I found you through another site and I have to say I LOVE your artwork, it is beautiful. I just started blogging and a new website, but have a long way to go. I will keep checking yours because I love what you do.
Maybe you can leave a comment on mine when you can?
Thanks and good luck~
Helen P. said…
These pieces are so cute !

I am glad everything turned out well with your pregnancy...I was about 2 months pregnant then...Something we have in common... : )

I hope you don't mind me making comments to old posts...

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