Feliz dia del niño!!!

Today we're celebrating Children's day in Mexico. I know you don't celebrate it, but doesn't it sounds like a great idea? We have mother's day, father's day, even work day! I think the little people deserves to celebrate their day too!

I made a little gift for all the children out there (and their parents who still have a child inside). Please click on it (the image will be larger), then right click on it, then save. You can print it, color it and cut it to play with.... and enjoy!

Feliz dia del niño!!


Mechelle said…
My mom used to say when I was a little girl, children's day is everyday! Lol
lizziebusy said…
Thank you!
Morse said…
How awesome!!! The girls are so excited to color these today. Thanks Lisa Morse
Anonymous said…
How lovely of you, I love your work!
This is so cute, thanks :)
My son asked me why there wasn't a children's day, and like Mechelle's mom, I told him it was every day! Nice art!
Cara Carmina said…
and today is also mi cumpleaños!!! when I was a kid in Mexico used to love it!!! imagine celebrating your bday in el dia del niño? ufff what a feast! :) felicidades!
Helen Prana said…
Hey, I am originally from Turkey (living in US) and we have a children's day in Turkey too!! It is 23rd of April every year....Here we think we are the only ones with the Children's day, then what do you know, Mexico has it too. I don't know how it is celebrated in Mexico but in Turkey, we have children coming in groups from all different countries,with their cultural costumes...doing their dances and such...: ) : ) It has been celebrated since 1923, yours?

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