Happy 2011!

I've spent this week enjoying my home and my family. Sleeping with my baby and playing with my daughter. Chatting with my husband and watching movies. Eating candy and making cookies. Many of those things I can't do very often because I'm busy running the house and working, but this week Mr. Danita and I decided it was only for us. So I've been thinking and cleaning too. I think the end of the year it's the perfect time to get rid of the things that have been accumulating during all the months that passed, to make space for new things to come to our lives. Slowly, I've been getting rid of many things that I don't longer want or need. Room by room I've been meticulously cleaning and sorting, there are still lots to do but I take advantage of the little free time that I have to do this.

It may be silly for some that I spend my free time cleaning and organizing... but for me it's very important for my mental health and for my creativity. There was chaos in my home! With the baby and my daughter and the Holidays and the visitors this house slowly became a mess and I'm fixing it.

I started with the kitchen and followed with the family room... and now it's time to organize the studio! There are still a lot to do but at least I can walk around the room again... and I feel like painting again! (A feeling that sadly I had lost in the last few weeks).

While many will be in parties today celebrating the new year, I will be at home with my family watching a movie or playing Wii... no party hats this year and no special dinner... but with a sense of balance that I thought was gone.

My wish for you this new year is that it's full of health, peace, happiness and prosperity.
Happy 2011!


Serena said…
Happy New Year Danita and family ♥
Looks like you've been doing some major organizing - I love it!
Im so happy to hear that you have got your urge to paint back! Ive been dying to paint, but im waiting for my new studio to be finished (hopefully only a week or two more!). In the meantime, ive been busy with your course :)
" M " said…
Lovely post Danita! Happy New Year to you too , and health and prosperity ! : P
PaperPumpkin said…
You know, I have been cleaning and organizing this week, too, and tonight I am staying in to watch TV, movies and play my new Wii for the first time! Here's to us, Danita! Happy New Year!
Nicola said…
Hi there, I can really relate to the cleaning and reorganising after Christmas etc. I feel the same, and I'm only now starting to feel creative again. Your studio looks great! Happy New Year!!! :0)
happy new year Danita for You and your family
happy new year Danita for You and your family
andrea creates said…
it's always nice to start with an organized space! our new years festivities are usually calm as well...
have a great new year :)
Kelly Berkey said…
Happy New Year! Your studio is adorable. I think for many of us, tucking away at home and reorganizing for the new year is the perfect thing to do!
Here's to a wonderful New Year!
Wendy said…
So happy for you! I started doing this exact thing this last week. I've only made it part way through my bedroom, but I am picking up, and looking at, every single thing we own. Then deciding if it gets to stay or not. I got rid of half my shoes and lots of clothes (both mine and my husband's). It really does make space, mentally speaking. My goal today is to finish the room before we go ice skating at a friend's house.

Have fun today! (My grandma always told me that you should do what you love on New Year's day because it would help you would get more of it in the coming year.)
SaraLynn said…
What a beautiful image! I love the colors and patterns. Your studio looks like a lovely place to work - filled with lots of colors and inspiration!
Teresa Kogut said…
I love what you said about "making room for new things to come into our lives".......this really got me thinking! Thanks for being an inspiration! Blessings for the new year :)
Susana Tavares said…
Have a wonderful year Danita :)
Feels so good everything organized!
Cara Carmina said…
I understand you sooooo very much!!!! I cannot function with the mess... last year I organized my studio and still is organized... I work much better like this!

yours looks lovely!


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