New handbags...

Today was one of those days when everything seems to go wrong... thankfully it's almost over. You see, it's my first day really alone with the baby and my daughter... and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I burned the soup twice, I burned the spoon, the baby was crying and my toddler trying to pick him up while I tried to stop her and contain the fire... I looked like one of those characters in the TV series that get all crazy with many things burning at the same time, and it's funny when you're looking at it but not when it's happening to you. Still, I think I'll adjust soon, just have to find a way (and a new spoon).

On the business side of my life I was lucky enough to get this beautiful handbags just in time for the Holidays. As many of you know this is a collaboration between my talented cousin and me, and It's been a while since the last time she sent me some. They'll be in my Etsy shop tomorrow and they'll ship by priority mail so you have it soon and ready for the Holidays!

I'll be listing 2 original pieces as well:

"Best Friends" 12x12 mixed media on cradled panel
(a big one for my usual pieces)

"Celebration time" A 5x7 inches mixed media on wood.


KATI said…
Lovely handbags! The first one is my favourite :)
Serena said…
*hugs* You'll find your rhythem soon enough!

The handbags are beautiful!!!!
Wendy said…
love your handbags..they are darling!
chinamommy said…
Oh sweet girl, hang in there- it happens to the best of us!!
Eeeeeeeek, i am screaming at how CUTE those bags are!! The ric rak?? GET OUT!!!! LOVE THEM!!
SaraLynn said…
The bags are the most wonderful idea. I especially love the Frida bags - they are so very... Frida!! I think she'd be proud.

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