Learning to hold with open hands

I like to think that the universe sends me messages... usually when I'm struggling with a problem and I don't know what to do something happens.  I find something to read,  or I hear of see something that helps me go through it and solve it or cope with it.  It's like the answers are all out there, I just need to pay attention.

 "Hold with open hands" 6x12 Mixed Media on Craddle Panel.

One of the those answers came the other day via Facebook from Tara Brach. She was saying that we should learn to hold with open hands. Not grasping, not closing our fists as hard as possible, on the contrary. To hold, to keep there but allowing that thing we're holding to go whenever it is ready.  To let it be. That way, when it goes it won't be as painful. 

I imagine that I'm holding butterflies.  If you open your hand and let them be there, you can admire them closer, enjoy them and, when they're ready, watch them fly... and if you leave your hand open, you also let open the possibility for they to return, so there is hope.

I'm not a master of this, I'm just learning. But by reminding me myself to do it there will be a day when I will be able to do so.


You just sent me a message. Thank you!
Heather K Ross said…
Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!
Artsy Matilda said…
lovely art AND concept. Thank you for sharing!
rachel awes said…
inspired message, to be sure.
all beautiful, danita.
Joanna Dover said…
wise words!!

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