Weekend report: Fairy dolls

This weekend was one of those when I can happily report I didn't do anything :P  I usually go all crazy on the weekends and work and work and work taking advantage of Mr. Danita taking care of the kids, but not this one.  We stayed home, watched movies, went shopping (I bought some pretty summer dresses) and went for ice cream and the bookstore. But being me, I couldn't let the weekend slip away with no art at all, so yesterday, at 10:00 pm I started working again.

After a rather big glass of wine, I had made some progress.

A few hours later, this was the status: 5 in-the-works fairy dolls.  1 sleepy-hungry artist.  1 sleepy husband.

So I went to bed and left them like that. I wonder how they felt when I left them without their wings... I hope they're not mad at me. I'll fix that today.

And you, what about your weekend?


Karla said…
hehe I love calm unstressed weekends :) While you said you 'didn't do anything' your dollies are looking cute. Was a bit rainy in California but it is good for the plants :) Cheers!
Cameron said…
Starting at 10pm...sounds like me....haha! Such a night owl.

But, it seems you have made such good use of your time....family fun and art play.....a full, happy weekend :)

These new dolls are just adorable!
Lauren said…
Your fairy dolls are looking so beautiful!! Its always good to take some relaxing time to yourself :) ~Lauren
miss. Geishy said…
they look gorgeous!!!
bonitas muy bonitas!

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