Necklace Length Guide... I need your help

I saw an illustration in facebook the other day, it was from a magazine that showed how different sizes of necklaces would look like in a person and I thought It would be helpful to make my own and add it to the necklace pictures in my shop, but my husband says that the numbers are not clear enough... what do you think?

I just added it to one listing, please take a look here and here and let me know if it helps :)

Oh I also did this one... I think it looks better... this time with the right spelling. Words with TH are the death of me.... If you think I'm bad at spelling it you should hear me pronounce it.

Which one is your favorite?


Makes sense to me!
gongyandsquish said…
It is a little difficult to see the white numbers. BTW, love the drawing!!
gongyandsquish said…
It's a little difficult to read the numbers in white. Love the drawing btw! :)
pmarti5 said…
the white numbers are not very clear. otherwise, i love the picture!!!
Unknown said…
I think it works fine!
k said…
i agree. i think above the neckline is fine... the white numbers on the dress are hard to read. i would say you should find a complementary color that would contrast the pink of the dress underneath as a better color for the numbers. maybe a blue or green would be an easier contrast to see? i like the concept, very pretty!
Kimberly Crick said…
I like the second illustration better, and agree the numbers aren't clear enough in the first one. The only problem with the second one is there was a typo where you switched the t and h and the end of length.

I found this very helpful though and your listings look beautiful :)
cherries said…
I think it looks great. One thing though - it is 'length' not lenght as you have it both on the title of the post AND on your cute graphic. Whoops! :)

The second one is much more clear. I love the idea of having different options!
gbloom studio said…
I love both of them! The white numbers are not as stand out as the red ones, but I still love the drawing! Great idea! As always your art is inspiring!
I think either one of them work fine. My one suggestion would be in your description of your necklace where you mention the length that you add a note to click on the bottom image for a necklace length guide. When the image is large I can read both of them.
Your work is beautiful!
Danita Art said…
Ooops... sorry, I always misspell that one... anyway, I corrected. I think number 2 is a keeper! Thanks for the help!

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