Pinteresting Monday: Autumn

Autumn is still a month away, but that doesn't mean we can't start looking ahead and start planning all those beautiful things that come with it: The falling of the leaves, the beautiful colors, the cooler season, Halloween, Day of the Dead, apple pies and delicious coffee.

Just yesterday It rained here, and the cooler weather gave us a taste of those amazing smells of wet dirt and clean air.  Today we have sun again, but yesterday was something to enjoy and remember.  We went outside and jump in the poodles, my kids were barefoot and my daughter couldn't stop doing cartwheels in the rain. We rarely get it so we may as well enjoy it when it comes.  We pulled weeds from our mini garden, hanged some new plants and then headed inside for some art making (for me) and some Wii play for them.  It was  such a beautiful Sunday.  That inspired me to make my first Autumn painting (here's a peek). 

And here's more inspiration directly from Pinterest.

Source: via Danita on Pinterest



Heather said…
Happy to hear you survived this brutal summer--- it was scorching here as well, especially July. I'm so excited for autumn! Knit things! sweaters! pumpkin coffee! Can't wait. Looking forward to seeing your new creation!~
Unknown said…
Beautiful pictures! Did you mean jump in the puddles? LOL I'm worried about the poodles.
I love the smell of rain on hot concrete :)

We're the opposite in the UK though- praying for some more sunshine before the cold weather starts!

Can't wait to see your painting!

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