Pinteresting Monday: Frida Kahlo

I've been searching for Frida Kahlo images to get some inspiration for some upcoming paintings and I found this video. I was so happy when I saw it! Seeing Frida smiling and moving was magical... I was used to see her image only, but not her, moving.  I wish I could hear her voice as well...

I've also pinned a lot of beautiful images of her. Here's just a sample. If you want to see the whole thing click here, it will take you to my Frida board on Pinterest.

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest


beth conklin said…
thank you so very much for sharing- especially the video. haunting.
winnsangels said…
Thanks for all the Frida inspiration Danita. Wondering if you are aware that you can pin videos as well?
Jessica said…
Thanks for sharing the Frida video and pictures, Danita. I would have liked to have heard her voice also.
No, I didn't! But now that you told me I'm going to post some that I love! Thanks!
Wow that was amazing! I loved seeing her move and even though there was no sound, actions speak louder some times. It's evident to me how much heart and soul she had in just this short clip. thanks for sharing

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