Comission finished... a beautiful flower

Today I still have lots of unpacking and laundry and cleaning to do but I have this unfinished commission I had to complete so I did. Besides who wants to do housechores when one can make some art??

It's called "Cat on wheels" and is the complement of a previously piece I made (Dog on wheels). I have a lot of trouble trying to take the pic because of the beeswax, the wheels and the light. But I'm assure you is so much better in person!

I hope you like it Linda!

And this morning, as I was going for the newspaper this beautiful surprise was waiting for me in one of my pots. This plant only has bloomed once, 2 years ago. And today, she decided to do it once more and with no only one, but 2 beautiful, deliciously smelling flowers... (jasmine I think?? I'm not sure. I just know they're gorgeous.)


Anonymous said…
What a glorious Gardenia! and a blessing to find. i can smell it from here. MMMMMMmmmmm!

Danita said…
OOOOhh it's a gardenia!!! Now I understand the song "perfume de gardenia" hehe
Sam I Am said…
yummm ...yes...gardenia..i have a bush near my front door..and it smells heavenly!
i pick the blossoms and bring them inside and float them ina bowl of water.. they really are sooo fragrant!!! :)
love your new creations rock!!!!! :)

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