New books, new magazines, new paintings...

This weekend was full of new things. I received tons of magazines in the mail that are piled up waiting for me to read them... which I'll gladly do but we went to a book fair and I found some books that had the same kind of illustrations that I used to enjoy as a child. Of course I bought lots of them. I love children's books. I also purchased others with beautiful images and wonderful stories. Now I have lots of magazines AND books waiting to be read. I wanted to read them but with so many beautiful illustrations I felt inspired and I stayed late yesterday and made 3 collages. I love them all but my favorite is without doubt "Isabella" (The Mermaid). I hope to have time now to read a little bit.


One with nature


Some of the books I bought:

I think I have some free time now... I think I'll go watch Grey's Anatomy and then work in other pieces I have in process.


Diane Duda said…
These are beautiful, Danita! I love "One with Nature" best...her eyes are so pretty.
Enjoy your reading!
Lisa Kaus said…
Beautiful paintings!! colors are gorgeous...
Lori said…
i love your mermaid!! your new banner is great, she is very pretty!!
Hola Danita:
Que bonito y agradable blog tienes.
Tus collage son estupendos, me gusta el estilo, los colores y las caritas de los personajes.
Lindos los libros que compraste, yo tambien colecciono libros para niños.
Un saludo desde Italia,
Danita said…
Thank you for your comments!!! Receiving this kind of feedback keeps me creating.

Cata, gracias por tus comentarios! Que bueno saber que alguien lee mi blog y sabe español. A veces no encuentro la frase adecuada en ingles :P
Yuur paintings are so amazing! Really really breathtaking!
Your paintings are beautiful!!!!

I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy too...can't believe the season's almost over already! I've got the one from Friday recorded on my DVR and as soon as my son goes to bed tonight, Momma's gonna so be watching it! hee hee

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