Painting my studio...

I've been telling my husband we need to repaint the yellow studio since we painted it. I feel like the sun is inside the room and is not precisely a nice feeling, specially in the southwest. The problem is that I have so much stuff here that repainting means we needed to move everything. And we did, at least partially because we just painted 1 wall and the half of 2. There's still much to move and do. Still I feel more than happy with the color. It's a gray-blue soooo sothing.... It inspires me to make beautiful things.

This is a pic of the work in progress...

Here is a pic of one of my favorite things, a small ambulance ornament that makes me wonder what would happen if it has to travel fast with those tires??

This is one of my china dolls that I love:

Here is some glitter and vintage buttons:

And this is a fabric that is so beautiful I don't know what to do with it. I wanted to make some curtains for the kitchen but then I wanted to make some pillows for my studio... but a bag would be nice also... while I decide i just keep it here to look at it. I like pretty things : )


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