As promised...

Frida Kahlo's former home!!! I was so excited!!! It's called "La Casa Azul" (The blue house) and God it is blue!!! As far as I could see, she came for a very wealthy family... not everybody could have a house like this one.... for what I could see, some part of it was added when Frida and Diego lived there (What is now the studio). Oooooooooooh I wish you could see the inside, but pics weren't allowed inside either :( One of my favorite parts was a dress they have hanging from the wall complete with the hair accesories she used, posing for the viewers... it was like seeing her in person... sigh... anyway, these are mi pics:

The front door, blue everywhere....

This is the entrance... you can see the big paper mache judas hanging from the walls

This is me VERY HAPPY to be there.. can you tell?

The exhibition starts here... the leyend says "Frida and Diego lived in this house"

One of the many pieces of pre-colombian art that are in the house (Frida collected them)

A cat!

The view from the room where her bed was displayed:

More judas, made specially for Frida and Diego by a local artist:

One of the bathrooms (I told you I wasn't allowed to take pics inside, so I took everything I could outside)

My favorite part, the studio!!!!

And that's it!... no many pictures but the trip was soooo worth it!!! If you want to learn more about this museum, click here: Casa Azul

Oh and I brought some goodies, if you want one, just leave a comment and I'll do the drawing this weekend and send them to the winners ;)


Mim said…
Hi, I just found your blog and love your paintings. Thanks for all the photo's from Mexico, must be like sensory overload to be there, in all that color.
Diane Duda said…
Looks wonderful! And you DO look happy!

Also, love your new notebooks. Great idea!
Danita said…
It is Mim!
it's incredible the mixture of cultures there... something you gotta see at least once in your life, specially if you're an artist :)
Annie Patterson said…
Hola Danita!
Wow that blue is so vivid! Was it that color when she lived there?
You are adorable and look very happy! I want to go, someday!
Do you live in Mexico?
Gracias por la fotos!
Becky said…
Danita, wow what great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Your art is always in my mind, Always!
I am in Awe...
Michelle said…
Thanks for the trip,what a fun one it must have been!
Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful post Danita, glad you had a fabulous trip! The papier mache dolls in your photos are incredible, and the colours, wow. And it is so fun to see you there looking so happy, thanks for sharing.

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