Making art....

Lately I've been a little bit away from collage... I thought I should give it a rest for a few days to recharge my batteries...I needed some change, and I'm using other media as well. So far I've made some watercolors and some big paintings. The paintings are not in the same style I used to have. I changed a bit. This time I didn't used the gritty texture that was my signature for quite a long time, but other kind. I'm also using big canvases, as opposed to my usual mini canvas.

The watercolors are some very brilliant, some not so much.

And some paintings are just quiet, calm and simple.

And I also made a doll. My first with roundhead!!!

I don't know how much longer this prolific phase will last, but I'm enjoying it a lot... I even want to make a collage again!


Diane Duda said…
Hi DAnita,
When you have a moment please visit my blog to accept your Rockin' Girl Blogger Award.
And thanks for always sharing your beautiful creations!

Becky said…
Danita, all are so very beautiful.
Lori said…
your paintings are so very sweet, i really love the girl with her kitty...

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