I won!

Today is beautiful. It rained and rained and rained, and just when we thought that It wasn't any more water in the clouds, it rained some more. It's not something we see around here very frequently, so this made my day. Also I won an award!!! Thank you Diane for choosing me among your 300 bookmarked blogs!!!!

I'm supposed to mark 5 too... these are my winners:

  1. For the love of birds.
  2. Mica from Garb-oodles Soup
  3. Lori from Faerie Window
  4. Annie Patterson
  5. The green Frog Studio
Now, the rules:

- place the badge on your blog
-give credit to Roberta for getting this started.
-check out the latest list.
-pick your 5 rockin' girls and then tag them.


Lori said…
Thanks Danita!!! How Sweet!!! And yes, you DO rock!!!
Annie Patterson said…
Woo hoo!! Thanks Danita!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Danita, on your Rockin' Girl Blogger Award! Love your new work!
Unknown said…
Thank you sweety. You are a rockin girl friend!!! Your work is just so whimsical and sweet. I wear my chain often and think of you!!!


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