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Time's flying! I can't believe it's been more than a week since my last post! I'm multitasking here. I'm preparing a tutorial in how to pack a large painting (I have the pictures already but I need to write everything). I just finished a BIG commissioned piece (30x40 inches) and couldn't find a box to ship it, so I made my own. I'm also preparing my offerings for this month TDIPT Mercantile (updated on the 15th of each month) and (tadaaa!) PFATT Marketplace!!! I'm joining them as well. I belong to the group on Ebay and just hadn't had the chance to enter, but now it's when! I love all the offerings there. Such a great group of friendly and talented artists!... and in the middle of all that and to refresh my batteries I'm doing some homework that wonderful Suzie Blue has left us for the ones following her art journal videos. (Yes, I'm an artist whose hobby is painting and drawing. No, I don't get tired of it) She says that in an art journal you can put anything you want.
That's what I'm doing... and I'm loving it! Just draw or paint the first thing that comes to your mind, without worrying about composition, colors or anything else!!! This is one of my entries. It's in honor to my phone, that doesn't bother me at all and lets me do all the things I want... sometimes I think I don't even have one...


Annie Patterson said…
Ha haa! I love this journal page! Very clever! My phone is the same way. I like it like that, I'm sort of one of those people who doesn't like to answer the phone, even when it does ring.
Ji darling,come on over to see my mud art and new hospital hair your work.xxoo
Anonymous said…
Art Journals are the best! YOu can say and create anything you want, and I find that they inspire me to create more. Although, there have been several times that I have just wanted to rip the page out and collage it on a canvas and go from there (have not done that yet) have to remind myself this art is for me! I sooooo enjoy your work and love the bright colors and the black outlines!! Just marked your blog to my favs so I can keep up with whats new with you!! Thanks for the beautiful artwork!-Sandra

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