New work

I just finished 2 paintings that I loved. The first one is about me and the second about my daughter. The first one is titled "Unicycle" (A 6"x12" acrylic on canvas). I love what you can do with 2 colors and black. I think she's beautiful, I love her face and her hair but what I love the most is her expression, a little bit worried, but determined to keep going. SOLD! on Etsy (Thank you Akeime).

And I also made this one, "My horse" (A 10"x20" mixed media collage on canvas, for sale on my eBay auctions). My baby is just starting to own things. Now everything she likes is hers and there's no human power that could take it away from her. I think this paintings reflects that feeling exactly. The menacing look, the hard grip and of course, the wings as she always will be my angel.


Diane Duda said…
Doesn't it make you so happy when a piece turns out just the way you wanted. It does make it a little hard to part with them however.
I love these both too. I love the way "you" are holding your hair and the tiny little hat on "your daughter".
You are so talented!

Danita..............I Absolutely ADORE your art! Haven't seen you in Pfatt lately. Drop by and say HI!

Hugs! *Lori
Danita said…
Thank you Lori! I've been soooo busy because we're moving the studio to my bedroom, my bedroom to my daughter's and my daughter's room to the old studio! Imagine the chaos! As soon as all the craziness ends, I'll drop by.

And thank you Diane for your comments as always make me feel so good :)
I do feel sad when I depart of one of my favorites, sometimes I keep them for a while or put them on Etsy where I know they won't sell immediately so I can enjoy them a little bit more hehe
Sandra Evertson said…
Love your paintings, they are really Fantastic!
Sandra Evertson
Such lovely work! So evocative. I appreciate your writing about them too. It gives each piece an added depth. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

P.S. Just loving my print, by the way!
Blaze said…

Great artwork!! I love the dark hair paired with the golden skin color! :) They are very gorgeous girlies!! :) Very good job!
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita! Just beautiful! - I especially love the Unicycle!
Iside said…
Hello! I have just discovered your blog! is fantastic and full of magic! your art is wonderful and inspiring. Love your paintings!
I also have a little boy and he's also a very important part of myinspiration and work.
Anonymous said…
No Danita, Thank you!

I haven't been feeling so hot lately; worn down by teething and separation anxiety, trying to get my professional identity back, feeling my pants bind in new and unpleasant ways....
Not a good week. Then I saw her, and saw myself.

I can keep it together, just like the unicycle girl (and you!). You made my week.


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