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I haven't done a decent post in days. The days pass and I think oh I'm going to write about this or that on my blog and then something else happens and the other thing doesn't seem that important or I just forget... and then I found my blog with spider webs and dust bunnies... Oh well. So today I decided I will write even If I didn't have much to say. I'm not sick anymore :) That's a good thing. My baby is getting her 4 eyeteeth together (auch!) and she's drooling like a St. Bernard. But otherwise we're both very well :)

I'm finishing some dolls and I think it would be fun to share a preview... They're still on the works but will be finished very soon (or so I hope).

I'm going to my brother's in law wedding this weekend (if I don't answer your mails soon you know why)... wish me luck!

And before I forget, I added 2 pieces to my etsy shop for the ones that can't or don't want to bid on ebay:
"En las nubes" on Etsy

"Birds of Spring", on Etsy

I also added new prints of my latest paintings :)

Oh I know.. this post didn't make sense at all... but I least is not one of those that never got written :P


Amy Maisel said…
Danita---Your blog is on my top list of favorites. I discovered it about two weeks ago and have been visiting ever since. I love your folk art style and can't wait to see more!

amy a.k.a. bagladyart
Annie Beez said…
I LOVE your dolls! They are to die for!!
July Macuada said…
i love her little hat!
Krissy said…
Danita, the new pieces are lovely. I hope you do not mind but I added you to my fave bloggers list on my blog.
PEA said…
These dollies are to die for! OMG Too cute. Don't feel bad I have to dust off the blog all the time.
Me encantan tus muñecas, y el cuadro de la sirena esta precioso. Ya regresaste?, espero vernos pronto. Saludos Lillian.
Anonymous said…
I love your style too!! I am featuring your site as my creative site of the day today(Tuesday 2-26).
/// said…
Danita I love your art they are so cute! inspiring and lovely to look at. You are on my blog FFA List (Fabulous and Favorite Artists)
Thank you for giving me giggles!
Jennifer Andrade
Danita I love your art they are so cute! inspiring and lovely to look at. I have you on my blog FFA List (Fabulous and Favorite Artists). Thank you for making me giggle
Jennifer Andrade
noodle and lou said…
I just adore your dolls Danita!! Love your new bunnies banner:)
hola Danita:
tu blog es hermoso!
me encantaron tus trabajos!!
gracias por tu comentario.

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