Tagged again

I've been tagged other 3 times by Lillian, Rebbecca and Jen. Again!?!? you say.. don't we know enough about you already? Apparently not... let's see:
  1. I can't swim. I love the water. Would love to be able to go very deep into the pool and swim with dolphins. But I never learned. I can't stand not breathing!!!!
  2. I'm about 6 inches taller than my husband..and about 100 wider hahaha (Mr Danita says I'm not 6 inches taller than him. He says only 4.. .he didn't say a thing about the width, though >:(
  3. I already told all my family and friends that If I ever got sick and have to stay in bed...DON'T SIT ON THE BLANKETS!!! I go crazy... I feel like I'm trapped and I can't breathe... and I start hitting....
  4. When I'm cooking in my kitchen I leave all the doors of the cabinets open. My sister told me it's creepy. I remind her of that scene of The 6th sense.
  5. When I saw The 6th Sense I couldn't sleep for about a week. And I left the lights on.... I'm the most easily scared person you will find. I get to the point to close my eyes, cover my ears and start singing if a scary trailer is on while I'm on the movies.


Flora Chang said…
Yikes.... that scene from 6th Sense scared the crap out of me... That's probably one of the creepest scene I've ever seen.
suze said…
Yes! That creeped me out,too. Another scary cabinet scene was from Sleeping with the Enemy, when she opened the kitchen cabinet and everything was arranged neat and tidy (so she knew her creepy ex was there)
Krissy said…
Ah, 6th Sense. I got to the very end of the movie, even after the 'ah ha' moment and still hadn't figured it out. Everyone in the theatre was laughing or screaming and I was like, 'oh my gosh! The wife is dead! She killed herself!'. Everyone around me looked at me like I was a total freak. My hubby had to do the explaining to me!
Anonymous said…
I loved reading this...I laughed out loud! And boy do I know about the sitting on the blankets thing! I am the same...When i saw the 6th Sense it made me want to have a baby (boy that is)...It was the part where the boy stumbles to the bathroom at night and stands at the toilet to pee...they showed his little boy butt and something maternal in me said...ahh...little boy butt...how cute...Please don't think I am a pervert or anything...My husband actually can't stand that child in the movie...Anyhoo, just thought I would stop by and see what you had posted...I saw that awesome painting on ebay you started at $100...I hope you get lots of money for that. It is great! Bless you, Jane

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