I'm fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

It's getting colder outside. Things are changing. Leaves are falling and I'm fitting into my pre- pregnancy jeans!... It is so weird how 17 pounds can make such a big difference in my life.

I was outside this afternoon with my dogs and my daughter and one of the dogs ran outside the park and I followed her... and I could run without gasping for air like a fish out of water!!! And my mood has improved a lot too. I feel more energized in general even though I barely eat and I feel like doing so many things without feeling overwhelmed. And the shoes... oh the shoes!!! Now I can use a lot of the pairs that didn't fit me anymore (yes, feet get fat too)... It's such a relief to be comfortable on your own shoes!

I'm just wondering why I stopped loosing weight... isn't it too early to hit a plateau? Or maybe I'm growing muscle with the exercise and that's why I seem to not be gaining weight?... Well I don't know, but I keep on going.. .following the diet and exercise .. I know it will pay off :)

I other news Leah from The Craft Nanny featured me in her blog... thanks a lot Leah! You can see her post here.


Erica Herbert said…
cute photo! you & your daughter (& your matching danita heads) are adorable! you are doing awesome! you GO GIRL!!!
hey~ have u seen the 100 day challenge i'm doing? if not~ stop by & check it out~ i bet u'd dig it! especially now, while ur on a role with your weight!
I really like your drawings and your pendants!
Sabbio said…
I'm so glad for you, this is such a good news! :D
I love the photo, so cute...

Wow wow wow... that is such good news, fitting into your pre pregnancy clothes!

I am really happy for you, your an inspiration.
Anonymous said…
YAY! I'm so happy for you Danita! Loosing weight is a powerful energy! It's like we come to life again, and re-discover lots of little things like you mentioned :)
Go Danita!
Just keep plugging away it is a process! But what matters the most is how you feel, but to me your posts have been getting more uplifting as you treck on your journey! KEEP AT IT!

Kingfisher Farm said…
YES you are gaining muscle! It weighs more than fat. BUT it takes up less room in your clothes, its more compact! And the more muscle you gain the more you lose weight, because it takes more calories to fuel your muscle cells. Give yourself 6 months Danita, and you will see a change, suddenly, you will be 2 more sizes down! Pam
PS what a fun picture of you and your little stinker!
Unknown said…
HI Danita,
I love your art! Great faces too.
Tammy said…
Good job! Keep up the exercise - it's invigorating! It does feel awesome to lose weight and feel the difference in yourself. I've doing the same. ADORABLE faces by the way - are there mirrors on the other side?
So Happy~
Looking Good~
Feeling Good~
And, Shoes!
Danita, I am so happy that you are happy :)
Keep up the high spirits!
suze said…
Keep up the good work!
Congratulations Danita! I just spent the morning catching up on your adventures. I'm so happy you are going to therapy as part of your weight loss! I think that will make all the difference for you, plus it's always nice to have someone who won't judge you to talk to.
Keep up the good work skinny girl!
Erica Herbert said…
hEy dAniTa! i just wanted to INVITE YOU to the Big Halloween BASH ~
today! over at my blog! Stop by & have some cider :)
Krissy said…
Danita, in my former life (pre-children) I was a personal trainer. It is very common to drop a good deal of weight and then to come to almost a screeching halt. That's when you need to either add a little distance or intensity to your routine. If you ever need some workout tips or help, please feel free to email me. I've trained TONS of people! And they were usually women like you and me....trying to lose the baby weight!
Hang in there...
Maija said…
I do understand how great you feel! It's a great motivator! Concentrate mostly on how you feel and be suue to eat your protein first!
oxox Maija
Anonymous said…
It is hard to go by the scale alone...measure by how many sizes and inches you have lost. That is what I am doing right now...it works for me.
Congratulations on your resolve.
Christi said…
Way to go, Danita! :)

I made a lifestyle change in the way I eat almost 2 years ago. Since then I've dropped 4 dress sizes and hit many plateaus along the way. Don't let it get to you. I try to remember that slow weight loss is most natural (your body is regaining its equilibrium) and (most importantly) it gives your skin time to retain its elasticity. :)

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