Visit to the pumpking patch!

Did you have a good weekend? We did! We visited for the first time a pumpkin patch!!! It was so exciting! My daughter couldn't pick one she wanted them all and she was as amazed as finding the first as she was at the end. It was really great! We took tons of pics and she got to sit in every big pumpkin she found :P

There were also other activities, like a corn maze in which we got lost (and it was the easy one!)... a huge tube slide. We had the best roasted corn ever!!! (No, I'm not supposed to eat it... yes, it was worth the stomachache!). I think this is the beginning of a family tradition!

Big pumpkins

One of her findings :)

I told her that if she could carry it we would take it home :P

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! We even found Cinderella's pumpkin!

And of course, I did a little bit of work...but that I'll show you tomorrow :)


Zosia said…
i love your work!!! :)
Sabbio said…
This is so cute! ^^
And I can't wait to see your work ;)
tascha said…
Sounds like fun! I can't believe how big your daughter is! Time goes by so fast!
Mrs. West said…
aw Cinderella's pumpkin!
The pumpkin your daughter found is HUGE!
What a great day you had! We do the corn maze and pumpkin picking every year and I dread the day my boys are too old! Hopefully they will be like me and never grow up:)

I'm happy you seem to be feeling much better. Keep up the good work!

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