What I do when I don't know what to do

First of all, thanks a lot to all for your support and your kind comments!! You're great! Also for your response to the sale.. thanks thanks thanks!!!

This weekend was crazy. I had different plans but at the end we ended up all sick with the flu and hanging around the house. Besides I had artist block. I know, I know, many people say there's not such thing but I think it happens. I think everybody gets blocked once in a while. Not even the people who works at the offices works at their 100% all the time, right? Well since I couldn't draw a straight line during the weekend I decided to do what I always do when I don't know what to do... cleaning and moving around furniture!!!! And this time it totally paid off. My studio was a M E S S! it was way too cluttered and I felt like everything was going to fall on me. But now... now I actually have space to work and space to keep things organized.. and the best part is that I even have some empty spaces in the shelves so I can put more stuff!!! Isn't it great? Let me show you some pics. I think I haven't show you my studio yet. Here's a sneak peek:

She's Olivia, my new assistant. She's been helping me list all the items in my store.

This is my corner and yes, I know what I have in every single bottle and box.

And here's the bookcases with free space!!

I'll try to take more and better pics to show you later. I'm so happy with the result! So naturally I went to my creative mood and I made some new original pieces:

"A bird in hand" Sold, thanks!

And a "Little Mermaid" at Ebay.

Now all I have to do is keep it like that... and the same with the weight loss, THAT is going to be the difficult part :P


Stampmaiden said…
Hi Danita, I loved looking at your studio. It's got so much fun looking stuff! I was cleaning my art space last week and I also have more room. In fact, I was cleaning so much stuff that I found a Halloween inspired tag book kit that I'm giving away on my blog to whoever can guess how many Halloween stamps I have. If you go to my blog you'll see and possibly guess the correct amount. Hope to see you soon!
aka stampmaiden
I love your space you create in... it looks so nice and neat. I sometimes wonder how people keep their work spaces so tidy? It is hard to be tidy in the middle of a creative spell and life can sometimes get in the way of tidyness too.

Anyway am looking forward to some more pics.
Hola Danita! Ha! I think we are all in the same mood! I too, cleaned my studio today and what a relief it is! I love your little mermaid painting and all the different elements added to it! Don't forget! I need to email you my address! I can't wait to get my prize! How is your daughter going to be dressed for Halloween? Take care, LuLu
ladyblackness said…
vaya! que gran estudio tienes! me encanta!!!!!!!!
Sabbio said…
This is great because thanks to this block you had the opportunity to clean things up to open space for your creativity!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your studio space. I am jealous though...I have been working on mine for about a week now and I think it is actually getting messier...I started because I couldn't even turn around anymore and my original thought was to sort through and get rid of things I am keeping for a art project that may never happen...except for a few books and magazines...I am having a hard time "downsizing" my collections. Oh well I will keep trying...Maybe if I keep checking back at your studio photos it will inspire me to JUST DO IT! :-)
Tequitia said…
love your studio and congrats on the magazine feature
Carolee said…
What a wonderful studio you have, and your new pieces are fabulous!!

~ Carolee
.:claudia:. said…
Danita, sabes k me encantan tus trabajos, acabo de darme cuenta de tu blog.
Tienes un premio (meme) en mi blog http://tiendagominola.blogspot.com
por si quieres seguirlo
Lenae May said…
Wonderful studio Danita! I'm having a moment like yours...all I want to do is work on the computer but that's probably a good thing!
Richter said…
muy hermosa sirena

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