Intragastric Balloon anyone?

Fall is coming very soon. I'm starting to see yellow leaves and the weather is getting cooler. That means winter is not so far and another year will pass. That also means that this is my 30th year as an overweight person. I've been living all my life with extra pounds and I'm tired of it! Tired, depressed, sick... you name it, I am. I think it's time to change my leaves as the trees do and welcome next spring as a renewed, better me.

I've tried all the diets and pills and exercise that you can imagine. And I always got back to my original weight plus some more as an extra. So I considered a bypass for a while. I'm sure that everyone has heard about the wonders of the gastric bypass. How people has lost huge amounts of weight with it and keep it off for years. But I'm sure you also have heard of the downsides and the scary stories. So I'm not very convinced by it, yet. I'm thinking about other methods. Have you heard of the Intragastric balloon? It's a balloon filled with saline that you have in your stomach for 6 months and helps you with weight lost because mainly, you always feel full. Besides you follow a one year treatment with a doctor, a dietist and a psycologist to help you learn how to eat right, exercise and the most important thing for me, to solve the internal issues that get me to overeat. I eat when I'm anxious, depressed, tired, bored, angry.... no wonder why I can't lose weight. So I'm thinking that this may be the answer to my prayers. It's not an easy solution. It's not a fade diet. It's a lifestyle change and by posting it here I'm compromising myself to make it work.

I have a daughter I want to see grow up. I have a husband I want to grow old with. And I have the power to change to achieve that.... I'll making an appoiment soon. Wish me strenght!


Sabbio said…
Danita, you are so courageous to try this solution for you,first of all but also for your daughter and husband!

I hope it will all work out well and that you won't be depressed by this issue anymore.

I wish you a lot of stregth but also positivity and optimism :D

Danita, Thanks so much for posting about this! It sounds like a great tool. I think it might help me too. I would love to hear more about your experience with it and progress. Meanwhile I'm calling my doctor! We could be BIB Buddies!
Danita I wish you all the best. You are a wonderful person with a fantastic personality! As being a person with not so great eating habit or from a family of over weight people I understand your struggle and I think it is great that you are finding a solution as sabbio said.

This is looking reality right in the face~ It sounds like you are more than tired of the way you have been feeling. You deserve to feel great!~
It is clear that you bring an enormous amount of joy & beauty to people threw your life & art.And~ you more than deserve all that joy & beauty yourself.So~ give to yourself.
Why is that so hard for us? When we all know that it is the best thing we can do for those we love.
Danita~ I am so excited for you. You are going to look for answers & find them.
I also know that you have A LOT of people who love you~ you will not be alone.~Amy~
58 Cherries said…
Good Luck! I only recently found your art and blog and have found it very inspiring.

And your honesty in this post is also inspirational - thank you for sharing that. I am trying to lose some weight, too. May we both have luck...and extra willpower this year. Especially with the holidays coming up. ;)

Anonymous said…
danita, i'm so excited for you, and want you to know that i will be praying for you regularly. this is a big decision, and i know it stinks being in bondage by food...or anything. i eat for all of the same reasons, and have just recently begun to lose some weight, mainly because i've fallen in love with celery! go figure, but i snack on it ALLLLL the time. i have never been a vegetable eater like this so i think it's a God-send. i don't even have a taste for sweets or salty foods the way i used to. thank God! so if i can make changes, i know that you can too! you can do it!!! i'd even be willing to be your partner if you'd like one. let me know!
Danette said…
Oh my goodness. You sweet, sweet, dear person. I applaud your strength, courage and sincerity.
We all have our issues, don't we?
I am sending my good vibes of support throughout the universe and know that they are landing smack in the middle of your world.
With love and support, D
Danita I will be thinking of you... so many woman have this yo yo struggle with weight, and I am one of them too.

I have never heard of this balloon method you talked about and I will be interested to see how you get on with it.

My thoughts are with you...

Hi Danita,
My mom had gastric bypass five years ago and I don't recommend it either. She lost a ton of weight but she still has the same mental issues she had to begin with. Whatever you do, make sure you go to therapy and learn about yourself...the weight is a very small part of it. Best wishes to you!
Hola Danita! I think being overweight or with a little suplus weight is something quite common with women working at home. We can reach the fridge and eat when we want, we do not have to follow a time schedule, quite often we are with young kids then we are alone, another good reason to chew on something. I go the other way and am a bit frightened by the surgical solutions to this problem. I have personally found the best way to deal with this situation. I eat very little fat, no oil, no butter, no vinaigrette, no cream, no high-fat content product. And I walk fast (I mean really FAST !) 45 minutes daily, wether in one shot or in short spurts of 5 to 10 minutes at a time. I try to eat whole food rather than blanched and refined food but do not necessarily stay away from pasta and cookies and chocolate. I do not starve myself and eat as much as I want but the low-fat choice of eating and simple walks do wonders for me. If I can not walk outside, I walk on my threadmill while watching tv. You gotta give yourself a few weeks for the changes to kick in... Surgical solutions are fast but do not do much for sagging muscles and skin. But, here is the best part of my Miracle Solution: SATURDAY is EAT-WHAT-YOU-WANT-AS-MUCH-AS-YOU-WANT DAY! This day off gives me a break and makes my body change its mind about storing as much fat as possible because it is not getting any! Ok, this is my way, and it might not work for everybody. But walking is uplifting and energizing and as long as I can have my noodles, my bread with jam in the morning and a cookie with my afternoon coffee, I am just fine... You are right, go for the right solution for you! We only have one life and we gotta live it to its maximum! Vaya bien, querida Danita! LuLu
Erica Herbert said…
oh my dear~ you are brave and sincere. if this is what will work for you ~ if this is what will help you ~ then GO FOR IT! you deserve to be happy. i wish you peace & happiness!
p.s. i have found myself smack in the middle of a Halloween painting frenzy!?
Anonymous said…
I am an overweight person too, and being 28 I can tell you I have tried since at least 15 years to loose weight. I have succeeded last year, and lose 22kgs (I think we say 45 pounds for US people). It was so hard! but I was really feeling better, able to move, to make sport and a lot of other activities. Now I took again some weight (14 pounds), and I really need to be carefull.

Good luck with your decision, it's not easy..
All my thoughts are with you!!
Kingfisher Farm said…
Danita, it is a daily struggle for me too. If I dont walk the 3 dogs they go nuts, so they are like my personal trainers! I'm with Lulu, get your stroller out, and go for a push with your daughter, and commit to it...and I agree, some talk therapy is helpful. Begin new habits, that is more positive than trying to stop old ones! Add a walk, and add fresh fruit and veggies.... and lots of water. I like to add fresh citrus to my water so I dont get so bored with it! Tell yourself you deserve these things, they are a gift to yourself! Blessings to you! I hope you find much success whatever you decide. Pam
sMacThoughts said…
I am blessed with different genes, but I send you armloads of love and support for your bravery, Danita. You are an amazing artist. Clearly there is so much you are able to find success with and I KNOW you can do this. No matter what path you take, you have all my support (I am sending you a rah-rah pom-pom cheer just for you. You WILL do this.
Carolyn said…
I can relate so very much to your situation. You are brave to share this with your readers, so many of us who share this problem, including myself. :c (
Since finally becoming a mother at 42 years old and struggling with my weight since childhood I too worry about my health... I want to be healthy for my daughter. I quit smoking as soon as I knew I was pregnant but have been unable to lose the "baby-weight", and I was 50 pounds overweight even before becoming pregnant!

Whatever path you take towards better health I wish you all of the best! I'm rooting for you!
Asis Cortes said…
muy buenas ilustraciones, saludos
Asis Cortes said…
muy buen trabajo
te espero por mi blog
my dear danita, i truly admire you, not only for your amazing talent, but for the wonderful person you are... It takes a lot of courage to do what you wish to achieve and i am convince you can do it. You have your hubby and daughter to support you and all of us here who feel such respect and admiration for the woman you are. do never forget that beauty is first of all what comes out of your soul and your heart. So i must tell you, you must be very very beautiful... Good luck Danita... i will send you lots of positive thoughts !
Anonymous said…
Wow Danita, I am impressed. Your post is so full of courage and determination and best of all HONESTY. Bless you and your family.
gastric balloon said…
Wow, this is pretty interesting. Inspiring, as well. Thanks for sharing such inspiring experience with us. Great blog, congrats.!

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