Happy Holidays to all of you!

I remember when I was a kid and the days before Christmas were so slow... the clock seemed to slow down and I dreamed about December 24... the dinner, the gifts, the people! Now that I'm an adult everything seems to go so fast and sometimes so stressful. It's like time is taking back the extra minutes I had as a child. But then I see my daughter, her first real Christmas (I'm not counting the others because she wasn't really aware of what was happening). She's been counting the days in the Advent calendar since the 1st of December. She can't get enough of Rudolph and the Christmas songs. She's been excited helping me wrap the gifts and putting re-decorating them (She removed some of the bows they have and put some more "cheerful" ones). She's been making cards and getting angry at me because we don't have a chimney and Santa won't be able to deliver her gifts. She just can't wait anymore and it reminds me how the Holidays were for me as a child. It brings me great memories and makes me forget a little about the other stuff (the one that involves the stress). It makes me forget so much that I just realized it's the 22nd and I haven't purchase the turkey!....(Gotta go!)

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed and peaceful Christmas. My best for you and your family. I hope you enjoy it as much as a happy child does.



Cindi Myers said…
I love that little kids are able to see the "magic" of the holidays that we, as adults, get too busy to notice! I think holidays are so much more fun when there are little ones around to remind us of that magic!
sUz said…
What a sweet post dAniTa :)
My son is a little over 2, still a bit young to understand it all but loves to say "ho ho" :)
wishing you a magical christmas,
holiday hugs, sUz :)
Ale said…
Hermosa tarjeta!!!
Lo bueno es que dejas el estrés atrás y para dedicarte a tú familia.

Los tiempos pasan, pero siempre viene algo mejor!!! Disfruta los pequeños detalles a lo grande. Dios te bendiga!

Un abrazote cariñoso desde Guatemala!!

Alkemilla said…
Merry Christmas to you, dearie!
And a happy creative 2010!!
Art Lover said…
beautiful card. happy holidays too!
I agree, as a kid Christmas took FOREVER! Now if you blink to quick it will pass you right by. I miss those days as a kid when life was simpler. My favorite part is spending time with family and eating!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
abraços de França! I'm fan of your stuff!!
holli said…
Merry Xmas dear Danita!!!
abrazos desde Argentina.
Simone said…
Happy Christmas to you and your family Danita. Reading your blog has made me very happy over the past year. x
Heather said…
Have a merry Christmas Danita! It is so fun to witness Christmas again with your own child. My girl and I have been using our Advent Calendar too. I cant wait to see her reaction to Christmas Day! She's nearly three, so this is sort of like her first Christmas too, although she still doesnt quite get Santa ;) but all in good time!
Unknown said…
beautiful - merry xmas to you!
Mindy Lacefield said…
Merry Christmas Danita. I've had a wonderful time keeping up with you and your wonderful art over the past couple of years. I agree the days leading up to christmas seem to past so fast now. much love in the new year, my sweet. xoxo,
58 Cherries said…
Aw, I was just complaining the lack of enthusiasm and anticipation an adult feels towards Christmas the other day, but you are totally right if you have a child you experience it through them. You are VERY lucky.

I invite you and your little one and everyone else here to come see my Gingerbread house at 58 Gingbread Lane!!


Happy Holidays
Grace Garton said…
I love Xmas as a child and I think I always will no matter how grumpy others are around me. Thank you Danita for all your lovely treasures through out the year.
Keep safe and Merry!!
Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, danita! Many blessings and much joy to you!
Dreams said…
Feliz Navidad guapísima!!
besitos desde Málaga (Spain)
audrey said…
♥ audrey

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