Happy New Year!

I just realized this morning that today is the last day of the year... Can you believe it? I could not. Honestly, I was sure there were a couple of days left!

This year has flown so fast that I feel like I need at least a month to catch up on the wonderful things that happened to me this year.

I have a wonderful Family, I am healthy and strong, I saw my daughter on her first day of School, I have met rounds of interesting people thanks to my blog, I have been able to continue making art and doing what I like... I was on the cover of a magazine not only once but twice!

And for all, I am deeply grateful. Thanks a lot for being with me trough the year, for your kind emails and your support when I've been down, it means a lot to me. I Hope 2009 was as full of surprises for you as it was for me, and I wish for your 2010 to be even better... I know it will be GREAT!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!! (Now go hug someone you love!)


andrea creates said…
Happy New Year Danita! Have a great year :)
Happy New Year, Danita!
Unknown said…
Happy New Year Danita!! Keep making those beautiful girls! I love to see your special creations, they make me smile!

xoxo Jess
Cindi Myers said…
Happy New Year!
I Wish you a Wonderful 2010!
I remember finding and watching your paintings on Ebay a few years back and then Etsy and your blog! And then this past year 2009 you were in all those magazines!
You Go Girl!
I plan on starting my Etsy shop this year and if I am able to be even a tiny bit as talented as you, I will be happy!
Happy 2010 Danita!
Carolee said…
Happy New Year, Danita! Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative 2010!

~ Carolee
Effie said…
Love your work... any chance of a line of rubber stamps?
Helen Prana said…
I love the art on this post , the girl with the birds welcoming the new year...
Helen Prana said…
I love the art on this post , the girl with the birds welcoming the new year...

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