On the 6th day of Christmas Stampington gave to me...Art Quilting Studio and Sew Somerset!!!

I'm super excited today as I just received one the best Christmas gifts ever:
Art Quilting Studio...and I'm on the Cover!!!!!

A while ago I made some art quilts for the magazine but I never ever dream about being on the cover... and when I saw it in the website I couldn't believe my eyes... so I wait until I got my magazine to share the great news!

The article is basically a tutorial on how to make those art quilts using your own images, but I decided that I'll sell a limited edition run of prints on fabric in my shop in case you want to make them with the Fridas ;) And of course you'll have to get the magazine to read the full article :P

The other gift I got was Sew Somerset. I love this magazine and as you know I love to incorporate stitches into my work.

I have two articles here.
One is about free motion stitching on paper using ATC cards and fabric.

And the other is about mixing free motion stitched collages with beeswax.
So, if you want to learn more about those techniques you know what you have to do. Check out the magazines and let me know what you did with those techniques ;)

I'll post more about the Christmas swap this afternoon! I'm also going to update the shop with the prints on fabric and I'll let you know when they're ready...

I'm still jumping with joy! Wohooo!!!!


Erica Herbert said…
WOWIE!!!! that's so wonderful! you ROCK! (i like to use stitching in my art too :)
Congrats Danita!!! Wish I was half as productive as you are. Mags look great! Love the color of your blog photograpgy too...how do you get that vintage watery look to them...very nice! Susan
Wow, you deserve it, Danita!
Helena (Brazil)
Danita, I discovered this magazine online early this morning, and was so excited for you! I wonder, "How does it feel to be on the cover??" You truly have had an amazing and inspiring 2009. Congratulations! (Now I am finally going to get a new sewing machine so I can do more of what I love to do, and learn techniques from you and your articles!) Thank you for sharing. ~Kathy
Cindi Myers said…
I'm going broke buying all these magazines your in!!!
Seriously though - I'm thrilled for you! You deserve it!
sallyt said…
Wow! Congratulations, Danita. It seems that everyone is crazy about your incredible dollies and quilties and rightfully so. You are the queen of these amazing little girls - Frida and all. Way to go. I'm so happy for you. You deservie it.
GlorV1 said…
Congratulations Danita. She looks great on the magazine and you are so deserving of front page. Enjoy your week.
Unknown said…
Congrats...Way to go woot woot.

P.S. I just ordered both magazines! Now I am jumping for joy! I can't wait to get them...!
LoveThePrimLook said…
WOOOO HOOOO !!!! Congrats !!! I love your work !!!

Heidi said…
I can't wait to get to Barnes and Noble to check these magazines out! How wonderful for you to have made the cover, bravo!
It's exciting to know your going to be published and then when you find out your on the cover too! How great is that! What a great gift.
Deryn Mentock said…
Congratulations Danita! How very exciting!!!
Cassie Shella said…
I just got my issue of Art Quilt Studio and I love it. I also love your work! It is truely an inspiration, much congrats on the cover!
Unknown said…
I saw these at the book store!! CONGRATS to you!
Kelly Snelling said…
congratulations, danita!! i'm so happy that you are on the cover. what a great honor.
Oh!! Congrats!! That is awesome!!! I love Somersets magazines too, and sure can't wait to get to the store to buy this issues!! Keep up your wonderful work! You sure shine!
Wow! congratulations!! It looks great!!!!
Ana Gonzalez said…
Felicidades Danita. Quedan Muy bonitos tus diseños en la revista.
jenny elkins said…
:) !!!!
Je viens de découvrir votre blog grâce à une amie.
C'est vraiment merveilleux ce que vous faites.
Et si vous imprimez vos dessins sur tissus, j'ai hâte de voir cela.
A bientôt!
Unknown said…
I've admired your work in Stampington pubs and decided to check out your blog. I didn't realize how vast your range is! What fun! I love your work. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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