I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Super busy finishing a big Alice in Wonderland update... Enjoy your weekend ;)


andrea creates said…
Looks good :)
Nicola said…
Love your pendants!!! Do you cover the backs with resin? I love how the backs have little messages too what a great idea!!
Awesome! Perfect work of art!
Drycha said…
oh my...
look GREAT!!
Jillian Frances said…
So charming! I love your take on this classic.
Love these Danita! xoxo - Kim
Danita said…
Thank you!
Yes Nicola... that way you make them waterproof ;)
Karen said…
These are beautiful!
Will they go in to your Etsy store?
Diane Costanza said…
I bet those sell like hotcakes! Alice is all the rage right now and your paintings are just so wonderful!


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