Holiday Paintings 2011 Preview

As promised, more pics of the upcoming paintings for this Holiday Season. I'm in love with each one of the paintings I made and I hope you will too.  Since Starbucks offered their Peppermint mocha latte I'm officially in Christmas mood! (There's something about that flavor...) I even started taking out the lights and the ornaments. And since I'm in Holiday mood, I made different paintings in different shapes and sizes and all look well with one another. I chose one palette and start working from it.  My wall looks lovely with all of them together.

The pre-sale will be through my newsletter that will go out in a couple of days along with some more pieces that I'll be showing you here in this week.  I can't wait to show you all I've been working on!

If you're not part of my Newsletter yet, you can join here!

And I'm off to work again... to many lovely things to do.


Sandy Glu said…
Me encanta tu trabajo!!
Inddu said…
I click on " join now "
I just don't wan't this autumn ends , but New Year is something special :D

great works !
Jess said…
These are gorgeous! So sweet.♥
Jess x x
Danee said…
your work just gets better and better. How is the health?
Danita Art said…
Thanks so much!
Welcome Amila! You'll receive the first newsletter very soon.
I'm so much better Danee! Thanks for asking :)

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