Ornies! Ornies!

I Wish you could visit my studio and enjoy the smell! I Looooove beeswax and now that I am in winter holiday mode I want to pour beeswax everywhere.
This series of ornaments have a very heavy texture and a rich, old world feeling to them.  I carved figures on them and embossed found items inside the beeswax.

See how beautiful they look together? Now imagine how beautiful they will look hanging from your tree! Keep an eye on my Etsy Shop and my Newsletter, we are photographing them and they will be available for you very soon!


JessiVille said…
So cute and yummy! I love beeswax too! I've really enjoyed seeing you in the various Somerset publications, the latest being about your blog. LOVE all your beautiful work!
Jessi xox
lizziebusy said…
Love them, wow!

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