Last week of Mixed Media from the Heart Workshop

This is the last week of my Workshop "Mixed Media from the Heart". Can you believe it? It's been months of planning and working on it, shooting the videos, answering questions, creating artwork and the best part of all was all the people who took it. I'm amazed by all the hard work, their dedication, their creativity and the community that we have formed where we share and discuss art.

I'm super happy and thankful with the results of the course, and I wanted to say all the people who participated and who gave me their trust: THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I not only get the opportunity to teach but also to learn a lot and I can't wait to see what you do in the following weeks.

The course will be closed for enrollment this Sunday, but I'm planning to offer it as a self paced course or a DVD. Stay tuned for the details soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy a sample of my students work! (Some in progress, some finished, all beautiful!) I'm so proud!!!!


Oh but this is gorgeous!!!! well done everybody :D
Unknown said…
I'm very interested in a DVD, will you be announcing on Facebook when you decide? I wish I could've taken The course, timing just didn't work out. Love your artwork and it looks lime the current students did a fabulous job!
How absolutely awesome that you are going to be having your workshop/class put on a DVD!
Can't wait!
Teresa in California
amison said…
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
You much be sooooo proud of your students' work! Beautiful and thanks for sharing!
Eclectic Works said…
Your students did a fabulous job on their art! You're a great teacher :)
Yes, if you do put your workshop on DVD format I would definitely buy one...keep me posted.
belclau said…
Yes! Me too, I'd love to follow one of your ateliers at least by DVD, me inscribo!!!! :)
belclau said…
Hi Danita! I'd love to follow one of your ateliers at least by DVD, me inscribo!!!! =)
Unknown said…
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