Making art and teaching art

Last week was very rough for me. I didn't even have time to search through Pinterest and mark my favorites to share with you. But now I'm feeling better, and instead of sitting in front of the computer and look at pretty pictures, I decided to sit at my desk and make pretty art.  I've been so concentrated in my workshop that I haven't got too much time to sit and just play.  But this Saturday I carved some time and I painted and I had fun with my materials and the best part was that my daughter joined me and she made her own Mixed Media Piece. She said I don't want to watch your videos, I want you to teach me in person. So I did... and boy did she enjoyed it! She's crazy about blue, dogs, rainbows and hearts... Can you tell from the result?

I have to photograph all my work now, I'll be sending the newsletter with all the new pieces and dolls very soon. Stay tuned!


so sweet!

I can't wait until my daughter is a bit older & I can do this with her :)
so sweet!

i can't wait until my daughter is a bit older & I can do this with her :)
It is awesome! I'm crazy for blue+red and hearts as well! Congratulations on your talented daughter!
Unknown said…
I love doing this with my girls too - They think of it as such special time.
Unknown said…
I loved creating with my daughters when they were little...and still do now they are big...I have their artwork all around the house and it has trickled over to their Grandparents house too... :D
Cafe Artiste said…
A lovely job!

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