Recovering from a totally unexpected surgery...

So I'm at my parent's house right now recovering from a totally unexpected surgery. I came to visit my family for a few days and went to the doctor because I wasn't feeling right and I had this sharp pain and nausea after eating and I knew it wasn't right. It turned out I had lots of gallbladder stones and I had to get my gallbladder removed, like right now.  So yesterday I had surgery and now I'm recovering from it. 

Life is so unexpected! I had plans for a very different summer, but this is what was given to me and I have to deal with it. The good side? I have my family near to help me!

If you order from my shop lately please wait a bit for your items to arrive. Mr. Danita is doing what's possible to send you everything on time but we will probably have some delays, sorry about that!

Life gave me lemons, I'm going to make some lemonade.



Mandy said…
Oh! I feel for you!
I had the exact same thing a few months ago! It took two trips to the ER (in one day) to get them to admit me to the hospital. Turns out some of those pesky gallstones came out and had caused a blockage. I was stuck in that horrid hospital for six days!
I hope you recover quickly...until then, try to enjoy some pampering in between pain meds ;)
Ir ecall I was SO relieved when I could finally breathe deeply again. (I didn't realize what a luxury that was before lol)
Get well soon Danita!!! The same thing happened to me a few years will be back up and going in no time and feeling so much better!!! Get Well soon Hugs!
Asha said…
I hope you recover quickly Danita. Rest well and have lots of TLC
Sonja said…
Get well soon. The most important it is for you to take your time.. art and blog will wait for you.
Nolwenn said…
oh no, i am sorry you had to get a surgery done.
How are you feeling ? having your family nearby is clearly a plus.
Can't wait to receive my order but your health is way more important.
I hope you feel better soon -at least now its sorted and over and done !!!
Unknown said…
Hope you are up and about soon! What a blessing that you are with your family to take care of you!

Xoxo Karen
Yve said…
I know this sounds crazy but I almost envy you right now! I have been suffering with bouts of Gallstone blockages for over a year now, all because I refused surgery. I was so scared at the thought of the op that I decided to live on a less than 5% fat diet, this morning I finally had an appointment to be referred for surgery because the diet isn't totally successful.

I hope you feel better soon, but at least you got it all over really quickly ;o)
Bettyann said…
Take are lucky they could do it right away...many here have to wait over 6 months for the same surgery.
Darcy said…
Dear Danita,
Thinking of you. Take care.
Denise said…
Sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself...let others pamper you for a bit. You deserve it! blessings, :D
Danita Art said…
Thank you so much. I'm recovering very fast and I'm amazed at how less I'm in pain now that I was before surgery. Yve, don't be scared, you'll see the big difference it makes in your life. It may be a few days with the pain of the surgery but it doesn't compare with the pain the gallstones produce. I was 2 months suffering with them thinking it was just gastritis, know I know it wasn't and I'm so happy they got rid of them. Good luck with your surgery!
Tracee said…
Wish some of us were close by to give y'all a helping hand! You take the time you need and we will be happy to see you when you feel ready to return! Take care of YOU!!
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness for such an efficient doctor identifying the problem right away and doing your surgery! I hope your recovery is quick and as comfortable as possible. Love and best wishes to you, Danita. xxx
Bea said…
Danita, I am glad you are feeling better. Unexpected surgery really cuts into your plans! Take care of yourself.
Gingermelon said…
Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery!!
~Shelly xo
Oh my goodness! Here I am following your painting course & I had no idea you've not been well & have had to had surgery :(

Wishing you a super speedy recovery Danita.

Get well soon x
carol gourley said…
I wish you a speeding recovery Danita. I am glad you are with your family, that is the best medicine for good health fast.
I am taking your Mixed media class and I am loving it.
You will be in my prayers.
Hey! I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery, but glad you're doing well. I came over here from the Pages and Paint blogroll - I'm in the class, too. I hope you're feeling well enough to participate in the class! I was so excited when I recognized your blog name over there, because I bought a piece of your art (a few years ago, now) that I just LOVE! It's fun to have someone in the class that I "know."
I hope you continue to make great progress with your recovery!
x Katherine
Angella Dee said…
Hi Danita
Its the first time I have viewed your blog. I wish you a very speedy recovery. remember: ONE DAY AT A TIME (or things could get very frustrating).
love your beautiful and inspiring art work.
much love
Angella de Jager
angella de jager said…
Hi Danita

wishing you a speedy recovery. remember to take ONE DAY AT A TIME or you could become frustrated! healing takes time. I love your inspiring and beautiful artwork and your courageous spirit.
much love
Unknown said…
A wish for a speedy recovery..:)
Sorry to hear about that! "Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.--John Lennon" One of my favorite quotes, and it could not be more true! I hope you are feeling better!


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