Etsy Update

I just updated my Etsy shop with lots of new pendants, boxes and dolls... don't miss them!


Michelle said…
These are so amazing! I love the princesses, alice and the ladybug! I have to ask, I have been messing around with painting dolls made of muslin but I really have no idea what I am doing! Do you paint yours with that gesso before you paint them for real? The update looks so amazing!
Victorian Lady said…
SOOO cute! The Snow White is calling my name!

Lisa Kettell said…
OMG, does it get any better than this! Love all your works Miss Danita!
Magic and Joy!
Ms Dragonfly said…
that pendant is too beautiful!
Katherine said…
Love your work and love checking in all the time for new items. I still kick myself for not snatching up one you had of a girl & a dog...sigh!

FYI: you don't know me, but I posted about your work on my shiny new blog. No one stops by yet, but feel free to come by & take a look if you want.

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