Have a child, plant a tree, write a book...

We just planted this tree in the park in front of our house last week. I want to take a picture of both every year. That will be one of our traditions.

Have a child, plant a tree, write a book...that's what Jose Marti said when he was asked what every man ought to do before he dies... so here's my child, and here's my tree. I still have a life to write a book :)


Michelle said…
I love that quote! I have to work on the book. Of course if we have our blogs printed as a book does that count?! Thanks for the doll info, I bought gesso today!
tascha said…
What a great idea! It will be so much fun to be able to look back on all the pictures.
Your little girl has grown so much! Time really flies doesn't it?
Such a sweet picture :)
Oh Danita, what a great idea! It will be interesting to see how they grow:)
I love your new dolls! Absolutely charming!
I always enjoy reading your blog.
Hi Danita

I am new to blogging and have just discovered your site, wow wow wow, you are ever so clever...!

Am thinking of putting some of my work on esty but not sure, seems so scary.

I also have done two of the things in your lovely quote, and will work on the third.

take care

That is wonderful, what kind of tree did you plant? Your little girl is beautiful. And I love your art. amy
vivian said…
Hi Danita,
just followed you over here from flickr, love your blog. and all the wonderful works on your etsy!
Your daughter is beautiful!
stop by my blog when you get a chance!
Anonymous said…
What a cutie! Great advice..Two down one to go..I've made many books, but haven't actually written one. I love your latest dolls..just beautiful:)

Lisa Kettell said…
What a wonderful idea, that is so inspiring!
Magic and Joy!

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