Hapy Children's Day!!!

Today we're celebrating the "Dia del Niño" (Children's day) in Mexico.

Congratulations to all the kids out there and to the kid that lives inside all of us!!!

It's your day!

Have fun!



What a great day to celebrate...

It is going to rain very soon and I am going to go outside and stand in it.

Feliz Dia de los Ninos, Danita! And Happy Day to all of us children at heart too! I finished my last Frida painting and listed it on eBay yesterday night. Thanks again for your ayuda, Danita! I chose the sentence your proposed: Soy una flor para ti...Muchas gracias otra vez! Have a FUN day! LuLu
Krissy said…
Wonderful. My girls will be so happy to hear that today celebrates them! I'm pretty excited myself (I don't think I ever really grew up)
suze said…
And happy May day to you!

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