Paper dolls anyone?

When I was a kid I didn't have the finer things in life, but I surely had a lot of fun... One of my fondest memory is playing with paper dolls. I cut models from old magazines and made dresses for them. I also bought paper dolls that came in a sheet of paper and you had to glue them to card stock because the paper was so cheap they tore very easily... Then new ones came. Ones in little books in which the dolls where from card stock and the dresses from copy paper. I'm so fond of them as I'm of the many memories I have playing with my sisters and cousins.

One of my cousins found one of my dolls in a box and gave it to me. She's so worn... I remember taping her neck so it would be more resistant, she still has that tape! I almost cried when I saw it again after almost 20 years lost. It's incredible how some simple pieces of paper can bring you so much joy to your life.

That's why I made my own paper doll. I named her Marie in honor of my daughter. She is accompanied by her friends, Perro and Gato (dog and cat) and her very own cloud (we all need our very own cloud).
Need a wish? Dress her with her fairy dress and you got it!
Want to go underwater? She's ready, dress her with her mermaid tail and she can go as deep as you want.
Not sure what to do? She also has her everyday dress that she can wear while you decide.
And when you're done, just dress her with her night gown and her teddy bear and she will be ready to go to bed.

Want one of your own? Get her at my Etsy shop! And if you need someone to play with, just give me a call. I also need someone to play with :)


Michelle said…
You have the most wonderful ideas! First the amazing dolls in your shop and now this! I love her she is just wonderful!
Ms Dragonfly said…
i love the one with the wings, they are all so cute. :)

Diane Duda said…
She's wonderful, Danita!
Do you ever sleep? :)

oh yes I remember those as well, I made some for my daughter when she was little.

Your one is ever so cute and having her come with her very own cloud is very handy indeed!
oh yes I remember them, I made some for my daughter to play with when she was little.

Your ones are ever so cute and her very own little cloud is so very handy indeed!
Anonymous said…
She is very sweet! I love the little furry friends...
Have a wonderful day!
Lenae May said…
You are amazing!!
What a charming idea and so perfect for your art!

Goodness girl! I love them!
Krissy said…
Absolutely fabulous idea! I'm from very rural southeastern KY and we didn't have much either. Paper dolls were a Godsend. And, yes, my sis and I did the magazine thing, too.
Aleta said…
Oh, I love paper dolls!! I suppose I shall have to finally break down and sign up for and Etsy account now. ;o)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta
suze said…
Oh Danita! You have outdone yourself. These are absolutely adorable! Am I too old? I think not...I am headed to your Etsy shop.
Estan hermosas!!!!, que idea tan genial. Me encantan. :)
sUz said…
hi daNitA!

She is adorable! I LOVE that she has her own cloud!

The dolls and boxes are amazing, and so is that daughter of yours - what a little beauty!:)

iN jOy,
noodle and lou said…
sooooooo cute Danita!!!

happy weekend to you:)
xo..jenn said…
The paper doll is awesome!

I came across your Etsy store today and I really love your art dolls and paintings. I posted some pictures and links to your store on my blog:

Erica Herbert said…
lovely art & blog & DOLLS!
so glad i found you!
Julie Ayotte said…
This is so cute I can't even take it!
Victorian Lady said…
What a great way to remember your childhood! So cute! :)
Mrs.French said…
so, so wonderful!
Esti said…
You've just brought back pretty nice memories of my childhood too. I played with my two cousins. We still remember the names of our paperdolls, entire paperfamilies, and how we stole our brothers little cars for them to "drive". So much fun!
Yes, you hit the spot :)
Danita said…
Thank you all for the warm welcome to my dolls. I'm not surprised to hear that you played with paper dolls too... they were the best toy ever!!
By the way Esti... I used to steal my cousin's cars for them to ride too haha
sarah said…
I played endlessly with paper dolls. Any kind I could get my hands on. You know, I don't ever see them anymore, as far as the mass-produced toy store variety. Don't girls play with them anymore?
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I've been a fan of yours for a long time.
Beautiful!... I have so many childhood memories associated with paper dolls ~ when visiting my grandmother, she would pull out one of her women's magazines she saved and the insert each month was always a new paper doll... thank you for sharing your dolls ~ that was a lovely trip down memory lane <3
Graciela Bello said…
These illustations are lovely.
I like your ideas, the colours,
everything is wonderful!
Warm regards,

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