Eiffel tower

Today I made hotcakes. It was nice to get a break from the usual breakfast. It was also nice because when i was cleaning the kitchen I saw that one of the drips from the batter had formed a little Eiffel tower. That made me think in all the things I overlook everyday because they are always there, because they are too small or just because I don't pay enough attention.

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I noticed how many wonderful things surround me. Even when dying my my roses from Mother's day are still beautiful.

The peeling wings of one of my angels are just perfect.

Beautiful flowers are blooming.

And even the food I'm about to eat is a completely masterwork.

Next time, I'll look closer at everything around me and try to find beauty in them. Have a wonderful day.


tascha said…
That little Eiffel tower is the cutest thing! Isn't it cool when stuff like that happens!
It is easy to miss those wonderful little things of everyday life.

I think children are better at spotting them then we adults are.

Nice to see some of those little wonders from your world...

have a good day.

I agree that it's hard to keep life simple enough to enjoy the small things. Thanks for the reminder Danita:)
Iside said…
si Danita, las maravillas nos sorpenden en la mas minuscula cosa de la vida cotidiana! no es maravilloso??
un abrazo!
Unknown said…
How wonderful & magical!! Love your artwork as well!
Julie Ayotte said…
I LOVE the Eiffel tower pancake drip! So adorable. :) I'm glad you noticed it.
Jill Smith said…
You have made me think about day to day things we never look at and getting dinnr ready a potato l was peeling was the shape of a heart so now l am going to look more.
love the pendant,its beautiful,
*bugamingo* said…
thank you for reminding me about the beauty in the every day. it made me recall a comment made by my brother years ago after my first child was born. i was smiling and staring at my new baby and muttered "what a miracle." my brother's comments were "it's not a miracle. it's biology, it's science. how can that be a mircale? it happens thousands of times everyday all over the world?!" he wasn't trying to be mean or cold, and i wasn't offended or mad. it made me sad. it made me sad for him. in my arms i was holding my very own miracle and i knew it. yes, it does happen thousands of times every day all over the world. and each and every time it is truly a miracle.

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