Work work work

I told you I was going to work. I did. And a lot. I manage to make some new dolls and paintings and to rework one that I have currently for sale on PFATT but that I didn't quite like it... there was something missing... now it's finished! The vintage wash just added a sense of deep and togetherness that makes my eyes very happy :) What do you think? I think it looks so much better now. Besides the pictures in the page are soooo bad ... this one is totally different (note to myself: next time take the pictures during the day, not in the middle of the night).

I'm also experimenting with layers on texture and I'm loving it. I had worked with this kind of texture before but I now I'm taking a different approach and the results are so much better. Mixed media at its best. Here, a self portrait with green eyes and blonde hair:

And finally, a shrine (thank you for the trimming Jane!):

See? When I say I'll work, I work... and when I say I won't do anything... I still get some work done :P


Michelle said…
Everything is so pretty!
tascha said…
The shrine is beautiful! The trim is so fun!
Anonymous said…
beautiful art, danita! the textures of the self-portrait rock my world! can i ask you three "please help the new kid on the block" questions, please??? 1)where did you find your ebay auction template? 2)where do you find the "rooms" that you use to show your artwork on the wall? 3)and, would i need a special photo software to make charm necklace prints? i've tried to find answers on my own, but no luck. i want to make some jewelry, but every time i've tried to make prints that small, the results are horrible. thank you so much!
Sabbio said…
It is really beautiful ; I love the textures, well done :) and the parade painting, so cute!
Thanks for coming on my blog and for your comment (interesting idea the cup :) )
Adriana Whitney said…
Hi Danita,
You work fast! I like it better with the antique wash, but you do such a great job always that even a doodle from you looks great.
Adri :)
Victorian Lady said…
Dang! You definitely worked it! :) I am especially in LOVE with the first one! The what's going on and the colors!
Danita Art said…
Hey thank you!! I'm going to blush :)

Mystele my auction template was done by my husband who is the computer savy here. For the rooms search for free stock photos and you'll fin a ton. And the program I use for all my editing is Photoshop. It's like the "it" program to work with images.
Hope it helps :)
Wendy said…
Love all your work Danita! Yup, hi ho hi's off to work we gooooooo :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita,
Your work is gorgeous as always. Love the texture you are adding!Your parades are always my favorites as well as your "best work", your sweet little girl:)
Have a great day!!
the parade is my fav too...

I am going to take a leaf out of your book and get going on some work, I am still in holiday mode.

Anonymous said…
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet! I love your work. It takes to another world," a world of magic" and I just love it there!
Anonymous said…
How fun to have been around long enough to see your work change and grow in different directions...I love the computer graphics changes too (good job Mr. Danita)...being a full-time online artist is like having an open diary of sorts...wouldn't you agree? Hope you are having a good evening.

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