15 pounds lighter!!!! Hip hip hurray!!!!

So I have my first appointment with my dietitian today. She measured and weighed me and conclude that... taraaaan! I've lost 15 pounds already!!!! I'm going on a soft diet now for a month and she hopes I'll be loosing weight not as fast but steady and sure. I'm so happy!!! My clothes already fit looser and I feel better :) And I'm so happy because I'm finally be able to chew something!!!! I'm going to start with exercise now that I'm going to eat. I love pilates with the ball... any good video you can recommend me?

I'm so excited!!!!

Sold, thanks!
Sold, thanks!
sold, thanks!

I'm also working hard in my art... I made 3 new dolls!! A witch, a collector and (of course) a Frida! It's hard to pick a favorite... but I think that witch is just beautiful!

If you want them just click on the photos and they'll take you directly to the shop.

Now I'm going to the store... I need to find a ball and buy groceries. Happy weekend!


Diane Duda said…
I'm so happy for you, Danita!
And I pick the collector. :)

sMacThoughts said…
First of all a big congratulations on such an enormous weight loss, Danita!! I am sitting here with jaw dropped (even though I don't know you!) and wish you more success on this new 'you' you're creating. I cannot give workout advice as I don't really do anything myself, but I am sure you will find the right answers!

Second of all....oh the dolls!! I am watching the witch on Ebay, and I have hearted the Collector on Etsy. Let's see how my finances go... :D
Anonymous said…
yay, danita! keep it up! lovely dolls...
suze said…
Great news! Keep up the good work.
Sabbio said…
I'm so glad for your weight loss! Keep up with your confidence and success ^^

I've already seen your beautiful dolls on your flickr... I have a crush on the Collector, she's so poetic :)
Congratulations Danita!
I can't pick a favorite...I love all three:)
Ms Dragonfly said…
wow, that's great! congrads! going to a dietitian really helped me loose a lot of weight. slow and steady is the healthiest way to go. you are well on your way. i'm so happy for you!
Danita I am sooooooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is such a wonderful accomplishment! Keep up the great work!

PeachyCheek said…
That is wonderful here!!! I am trying to lose a few myself..its so hard, because I am the ultimate food lover, especially sweets..Beautifuls dolls. I love them!!!!
Kingfisher Farm said…
Danita that's incredible! It works!! Pam
Heather said…
these are gorgeous! I love the witch doll, beautiful~
sUz said…
yAy daNiTa!!! What a boost that is!

LOVE the new dolls! You constantly amaze me!

iN jOy,
Adriana Whitney said…
Great Danita!!! I am so excited for you.
Your new dolls are beautiful.

(la chupamedias mayor)
Adri :D
well done on the weight loss, AND the beautiful collector and friends.
Erica Herbert said…
hooray for YOU! that's WONDERFUL!!! i am so proud of you! i don't know too many pilates dvd's~ but if you want yoga~ oh ya baby! i know some AWESOME ones!
p.s. the dolls are GREAT! i'm doing dolls right now too ~ they are WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!
BRAVO CHIQUITA! 15 pounds is a lot! Wow! A couple more weeks and your family will not recognize you! Love all your dolls but of course my heart goes to the Frida one! Have a great week! Oh, as far as excercise is concerned, I walk all the time, different paths when I can, up and down hills, fast and slower, it does amazing things to your body and keeps it toned and lean! Try that, it's fun, cheap and easy! LuLu
noodle and lou said…
yiiiipppppeeeeee for you!!!! That is such great news Danita:):) Keep up the great work...I know it's hard!!!

Love your new dollies and all your new Halloween prints in the shop too. Thanks for the b-day wishes and hugs!! xox...jenn
נבו said…
i love your beautiful dools!!!
Unknown said…
hi...congrats on your weight loss

Can you plz tell me about your diet plan? what do you eat throughout the day?

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